Mission, vision and values

//Mission, vision and values
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Mission, vision and values


Aludium is a leading supplier of aluminium solutions to the distribution and industrial markets in Europe.

We create coils, shates and sheets for building and construction, industrial applications, brights and decoration, closures and cosmetics.

Aludium’s customers can rely on our short lead times, reliable quality, state-of-the-art supply chain and outstanding logistic capabilities.


Our aim is to become the supplier of reference to our customers worldwide.


  • People First         
  • Personal Integrity     
  • Performance Excellence   
  • Passion


  • Growing selectively with selected customers who are winning in their marketplace
  • Drive improved sustainability by increasing the scrap recycling capacity and reducing the purchase of raw material
  • Optimize the sales portfolio towards clients that bring greater added value
  • Look for Bolt-on acquisitions

People First

Create a diverse and inclusive work culture where 100% of associates are engaged, committed and delivering his/her best 100% of the time — no force in business is more powerful (if properly aligned and led)

  • Safety is the foundation of what we do
  • Entrepreneurial self-determination

Performance Excellence

 Results matter

  • Performance Excellence
  • Results matter
  • We expect our business to sustainably outperform their peers
  • CIP is a key driver of our performance
  • Clear measurements, open communication and financial participation are critical building blocks
  • Urgency is a key trait – do it now!
  • Don’t wait to do tomorrow what you can do today
  • Don’t wait for someone else to solve the problem

Personal Integrity

Integrity that can never be compromised

  • Moral judgment has a place in business
  • The Golden Rule: win without cutting corners


  • We protect our environment
  • We engage with our communities
  • For our customers
  • For what we do
  • We do what we say we’ll do