Mario Allet takes over as head of Cindal

On 1 February 2018, Mario Allet was appointed as R&D Director of Aludium’s Cindal R&D centre. In addition to his responsibilities as R&D Director, Mario will remain as Aludium’s Programs and CAPEX Director, a position he has held since 2015. He will continue to report directly to Manuel Ruano, COO of Aludium.

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Aludium in The Safety Guide (2018)

In October 2017, Aludium held its second annual ‘Safety Week’ which saw the company again focus on working safely. The event involved personnel at all three mills, safety experts from other manufacturing companies, as well as local emergency services.

Read more on page 8 – 10 about Employee well-being at Aludium.

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Environmentally friendly multi-chamber furnace marks major investment in Aludium Amorebieta

Aludium has announced that the company will install a multi-chamber furnace to reduce metal costs and improve the sustainability of its operations. The new furnace will be installed in the Amorebieta cast house and will increase Aludium’s ability to melt lacquered scrap. That will enable Aludium to create one of the most flexible metal production units in the world. The €20 million investment is due to come onstream during 2019.


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Aludium COO elected ‘king’ for a day

For one day, Aludium’s chief operating officer (COO) Manuel Ruano was elected as King Gaspar of Alicante as part of the city’s Three Kings Day celebrations which mark the Feast of the Epiphany. Spanish children typically receive their presents on Three Kings Day which begins on the evening of 5 January and runs throughout the following day. The event is celebrated with large street parades, fireworks, and special cakes, as well as the giving and receiving of presents.

Being elected a king of your home city is a huge honour and one that Manuel was pleased to accept. After arriving by boat at Alicante harbour on the evening of 5 January, Gaspar and the other kings (Melchor and Baltasar) were received by the Mayor at the town hall before taking part in the parade. Together with a number of royal pages (employees from Aludium in the case of King Gaspar), the kings distributed over 2,000 kilograms of sweets to the children.

On 6 January, King Gaspar paid a visit to the Hogar Provincial (Provincial Home) for disadvantaged children where he gave out many toys. “It was an enormous privilege to serve as king for the day and meet all of the children,” notes Manuel. “It is a memory I will treasure forever. Sadly, it all ended on 7 January and I was back to being plain old Manuel.”

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Go inside the mill with Aludium’s new corporate video

Discover why Aludium is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of premium aluminium for automotive trim, building and construction, closures, and packaging for cosmetics, beverages, and food with the company’s latest video. It takes you inside the company’s three mills for a spectacular look at the state-of-the-art melting and processing technologies Aludium uses to create the perfect alloy and surface for any application. The video also covers Aludium’s unique backup strategy for customers, short lead times, and the technical assistance available from the company’s inhouse Cindal R&D centre.

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Amorebieta hosts safety meeting for Atlas companies

The EHS-manager from Amaray, explains the safety heat map concept to Atlas companies

Aludium Amorebieta also played host to a safety meeting for the seven Atlas companies in Zone 4: Aludium, Motus, ASG, Tecumseh International, Amaray, Iconex, and Phoenix International. The day was led by Alicante Plant Manager, Alberto Ruiz. Phil Schuch of Atlas Holdings, took part in the meeting to illustrate the importance the company attaches to safety.


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Proud to work at Aludium

Some of the Alicante workers who have worked at the mill for more than 40 years each

Long service celebrated at Aludium Alicante

On 10 November 2017, Aludium held a celebration for 34 workers in Alicante who each celebrate four-decades of working for the company this year. Aludium Alicante was founded in 1955, and currently has a workforce of 440 people. More than 60 people working in Alicante now have over 40 years of service with the company, indicating the high degree of connection our people have with the plant.


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Aludium’s second annual Safety Week a great success

The second edition of Safety Week took place from 23 to 27 October at all three Aludium plants. Events included safety workshops and activities as well as plant inspections by invited guests from local companies. During the week, Atlas Holdings also held a safety meeting for companies in its portfolio.


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Aludium cuts transport emissions with new mega-trucks

Aludium has launched a new link between its two mills in Amorebieta and Alicante. The link will utilise new mega-trucks, operated by XPO Logistics, which will cut emissions by more than 20 percent on this vital link between the two mills. The trucks will be used to transport aluminium coils from Amorebieta to Alicante. On the return leg, the trucks will carry scrap from Alicante back to Amorebieta where it is recycled to create new aluminium products.

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Martin Postmus has joined Aludium as Director Financial Planning and Analysis.

Martin has a strong background in setting up financial planning processes in international businesses. He joined Aludium recently from Cargill, Cocoa and Chocolate where he led the FP&A function for plant operations and supply chain. Prior to Cargill Martin has spent significant periods in his career working for Staples Europe, and Aalberts Industries. He started his career in Deloitte. Martin has a Master in Business Administration from the University of Groningen and trained as a CPA, he also has a Bachelor’s in Logistics management from the Logistics academy of Venlo.

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