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We Are Aludium

Aludium is a new entity which comprises three former Alcoa mills in Spain and France and a state-of-the-art aluminium research and development centre in Spain. These assets have been consolidated under the Aludium brand by Atlas Holdings, a global industrial holding company with a unique and focused approach to growing industrial companies with a long term investment horizon.

Aludium might be a new and dynamic entity in aluminium, but it benefits from more than 60 years of experience in the sector. Our long-term goal is to be Europe’s premier supplier of aluminium sheets, shates and coils, and to provide a platform for growth, stability, and enduring relationships with our customers.

We Are Unique

We remain committed to the building and construction, distribution and specialities product markets. Whilst the recent industry trend is for aluminium companies to focus on automotive and aerospace markets, we will continue provide our know-how to the industry’s core markets. We have a clear vision of both our future, and the contribution that aluminium makes to the world in general. Aludium’s facilities have deep industrial pedigree, having been established since the 1950s, and continuously upgraded since then gives us a wealth of practical experience. Our independence enables us to choose our own direction and to focus our efforts on two areas we deem vital for the continued well-being of the environment: sustainability and recyclability.

We Are a Team

Good team players deliver the best results. Our team is led by aluminium veterans, ensuring we can deliver. With industrial holding company Atlas Holdings investing in our company, Aludium’s customers are guaranteed the best products, care and service available.

We Are Dedicated

Aludium’s value proposition is clear. We guarantee:

  • A wide range of alloys in dimensions tailor-made to your specifications
  • Fast deliveries and excellent logistics
  • Prototyping and production advice
  • Reliable support and training.

We offer a proven range of products, complemented by our own innovative approach and techniques. As our research reveals new possibilities, we will break boundaries and chart new territories.

We Are Specialised, Yet Diversified

Our products are produced at three state-of-the art manufacturing facilities and one cutting-edge R&D centre which work together in perfect unison. Aludium’s network of mills is fully integrated and caters to your every need. Our facilities include:

  • Amorebieta, Spain (ingot casting, hot and cold mills, finishing)
  • Castelsarrasin, France (bright mill, finishing)
  • Alicante, Spain (cold mill, finishing)
  • Alicante, Spain (research and development, prototyping, training)

Aludium specialises in cutting, forming, rolling and finishing, and our expertise in these areas is unparalleled. We also maintain a highly diversified customer portfolio.

We Are Experts

Aludium’s unique R&D facility Cindal can advise clients on the best alloy for their application and the appropriate tooling and processing required to achieve stunning products. They can prototype your product and your production processes. Our R&D team are also available to train your operators in the latest production techniques.

We Are Fast

No more waiting for months before your delivery! All of Aludium’s output is produced to order. Thanks to our lean structure, sophisticated supply chain and efficient logistics management, we are able to respond to complex customer requests quickly. Typical lead times are just three to four weeks.

We Are Stable

Atlas Holdings has invested in Aludium for the long-term. Our company has huge growth. Over the past year, all of the industrial markets in which we operate have shown growth including: construction (facades, framing and fittings), packaging (cosmetics, food and beverages), commercial transportation, and bright products such as reflectors.

We Are Passionate

Aludium is passionate about innovation, passionate about aluminium, and passionate about the markets in which we operate. Most importantly of all, we are passionate about our clients, suppliers and colleagues. In the end, that’s what makes the difference and that’s why we should be your supplier of aluminium of choice.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions – we’re only an email or phone call away!