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Supplier standards

ALUDIUM is committed to sustainable and ethical business practices, we are dedicated to working in partnership with our suppliers, contractors and others with whom we do business (collectively “Suppliers”) to ensure consistency with these principles.

Although we recognize that there are different legal and cultural environments in which our Suppliers operate, we believe that these principles are common throughout the world. We have developed Supplier Standards embodying those principles to provide clarity to our Suppliers regarding our expectations in this area.

ALUDIUM has developed its Supplier Standards based on seven key principles – Integrity; Sustainability, Environment, Health and Safety; Customer; Excellence; Respect for People; Profitability and Accountability. We expect and trust that our Suppliers will honour the principles and practices that form ALUDIUM’s Supplier Standards.


Our Suppliers shall conduct their business with ethics and integrity. This includes:

  • Respecting local, national and international laws, including applicable norms, laws, rules and regulations such as those related to the environment, work relationships, human rights, health and safety, and antitrust.
  • Conducting business in compliance with any applicable anti-corruption conventions, laws and regulations.
  • Gathering competitive information by legal means and not sharing confidential information belonging to others without written permission.
  • Acting ethically and responsibly in the conducting of business including, but not limited to, compliance with anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws, rules and regulations.
  • Providing transparency into the supply chain, form original source to ALUDIUM, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Sustainability, environment, health, and safety

Our Suppliers shall operate in an environmentally responsible and efficient manner to minimize adverse impacts on the environment. This includes:

  • Complying with all applicable governmental laws, regulations and rules related to the environment, including the handling of waste from operations.
  • Choosing energy-efficient processes and products where available.
  • Implementing available systems to reduce or eliminate waste of all types, including conservation measures and recycling, re-using, or substituting materials.
  • Actively participating in the management of environmental risks, identifying hazards, evaluating risks posed by them, and implementing solutions.
  • Encouraging community engagement to help foster social and economic development and to contribute to the sustainability of the communities in which they operate.
  • Committing to operating a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, including a drug free and weapon free workplace.


Our Suppliers shall operate in a manner that respects their obligations to customers. This includes:

  • Respecting executed agreements and contracts.
  • Ensuring that quality materials and services are supplied on time and to ALUDIUM’s specifications.
  • Promptly communicating to ALUDIUM any internal or value chain nonconformity or other developments that may impact the Supplier’s ability to provide conforming, on-time performance.
  • Representing products, services, and prices truthfully and accurately.
  • Upholding fair business standards in advertising, sales, and competition.
  • Concluding business with commitment to maximum transparency consistent with good governance and commercial confidentiality.


Our Suppliers shall be committed to continual improvement and excellence. This includes:

  • Promptly communicating issues to ALUDIUM that may impact their performance, investigating to root-cause and implementing all necessary corrective actions.
  • Making relevant information available upon request to those who seek to verify compliance.

Respect for people

Our Suppliers shall uphold the human rights of all individuals associated with their operations, including local communities and workers. This includes:

  • Under no circumstances participating in human trafficking, using child labor or using forced labor such as prison labor, forcibly indentured labor, bonded labor, slavery or servitude.
  • Respecting human dignity and the rights of workers, individuals and the communities associated with their operations.
  • Prohibiting any kind of corporal punishment, harassment, discrimination or abuse of applicants or workers.
  • Ensuring that employee compensation meets or exceeds the legal minimum standard and fully complies with all applicable laws.
  • Recognizing and respecting the freedom of employees to join, or refrain from joining, legally authorized associations or organizations.
  • Having an EEO statement or Code of Conduct that does not allow discrimination based on race, colour, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity / expression, genetic, veteran status, sex or age (within statutory limits)


Our Suppliers shall be complete and accurate in all financial reporting and shall not compromise ethics, safety or legal obligations for the sake of profitability. This includes:

  • Maintaining a strong financial control environment and publicly disclosing, where appropriate, financial results.
  • Abiding by all applicable financial reporting standards and regulations.
  • Preparing financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Keeping proper and accurate records of all business operations and transactions in accordance with applicable retention policies and statute of limitations.


Our Suppliers shall exhibit and drive accountability for these principles throughout their supply chains.