The Sustainability Report of Aludium

Aludium has just released its first Sustainability Report. Titled ‘At the heart of our business’ the Report covers the full year 2017.

“The release of this Sustainability Report affirms Aludium’s commitment to operate transparently, and with the best interests of our people, customers, communities, and the environment in mind,” says Arnaud de Weert, CEO of Aludium. “It’s a comprehensive document which firmly sets Aludium on the path to measure, and enhance where possible, the long-term sustainability of our business.”

The Report is divided into three main sections:

  • People – details Aludium’s strong focus on health and safety and our engagement with local communities. It highlights initiatives such as Safety Week, where the entire company comes together to focus on keeping people safe and healthy. Safety Week also highlights Aludium’s ethos – transparency, openness, and engagement with our people and communities.
  • Planet – outlines Aludium’s efforts to enhance recycling, reduce energy use and carbon emissions, and better manage water, waste, and noise. Since the company was formed in 2015, major investments have been made to enhance our recycling capabilities and cut our carbon footprint. 2019 will see the realisation of this strategy when our new multi-chamber furnace comes onstream. By the end of 2020, Aludium aims to be recycling up to 170,000 tonnes of clean and dirty scrap in our own facilities.
  • Transparency – provides information on Aludium’s business ethics and how we try to meet the needs of our customers, suppliers, and communities at every stage of the relationship. One example featured is Aludium’s Code of Conduct which governs how we do business. It has been signed by the Board of Directors and every Aludium employee.