Amorebieta hosts safety meeting for Atlas companies

//Amorebieta hosts safety meeting for Atlas companies

Amorebieta hosts safety meeting for Atlas companies

The EHS-manager from Amaray, explains the safety heat map concept to Atlas companies

Aludium Amorebieta also played host to a safety meeting for the seven Atlas companies in Zone 4: Aludium, Motus, ASG, Tecumseh International, Amaray, Iconex, and Phoenix International. The day was led by Alicante Plant Manager, Alberto Ruiz. Phil Schuch of Atlas Holdings, took part in the meeting to illustrate the importance the company attaches to safety.

During the day, delegates undertook a safety audit of the Amorebieta facility. They focussed their observations on the interactions between mobile equipment and pedestrians, as well as falls on the same level, and machine guarding. In total, 25 new risks were identified. An action plan to resolve the risks is already in development and will be discussed at the next meeting.

Following the inspection tour, a number of Atlas companies presented the best practices they have implemented to prevent accidents.

The day ended with a safety goal-setting session for the Zone 4 companies. Aludium Alicante has agreed to take the lead on a project to create standard practices and policies to segregate mobile equipment and pedestrians. This is an issue which is of interest to all Zone 4 companies. The new policy will summarise the findings which emerged during the best practices discussion. It will also include the technical specifications and operating procedures Aludium Alicante recently implemented for its electric-powered forklifts. The outcomes will be discussed in conference call between the EHS managers from all Zone 4 companies in early December.