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Automotive trim

Aludium’s automotive trim products lead the decorative finishes market due to their consistent high surface quality and unbeatable response to bright and anodised surface treatments. Our products are used by automotive designers to create lightweight, functional and aesthetic parts for interior and exterior applications such as:

  • Dashboard and interior trim
  • Door elements
  • Hood ornamentation
  • Roof rails.

All of our automotive trim products are available with:

  • Finishes including bright; industrial and commercial bright; fine and grand brilliant.
  • Surface textures which can be tailored to the requirements of individual carmakers.

The metallurgical structure of our products facilitates the drawing, forming and assembly processes required for automotive trim applications. These properties are achieved through the application of Aludium’s advanced manufacturing technology and the use of high purity alloys.

Decorandum® is Aludium’s innovative, lightweight and cost-effective alternative to stainless steel. Available in five different surfaces, Decorandum® is finished in our specialised mills so it is ready to use on delivery. Click here to view all technical details of Decorandum®.

With Texturandum (patent pending), any kind of well-defined pattern can be applied to the aluminium. These can be natural patterns such as leather, honeycomb, or elephant skin, or geometric patterns like carbon-fibre or a chequer board. Even graphical elements such as logos or characters can be applied. In fact, almost every pattern is possible. Click here to view all technical details of Texturandum (patent pending).

With its extensive experience and range of prototyping equipment, Aludium’s Transportation centre is available to assist automotive trim manufacturers in the design and optimisation of automotive trim products. For example, Cindal R&D can advise automotive trim designers how to apply thin layers of aluminium to plastic parts. Not only does this give the plastic parts the look and feel of aluminium, it offers carmakers a lighter and cost-effective alternative to a full aluminium part.

Click on the + symbols below to view the technical details of our product portfolio for automotive trim applications.

Aludium - Automotive trim

Alloy Surfaces Temper
1050, 1070, 5005, 5505, 5657, 3103, 8014 Decorandum® , Industrial bright, Bright, Commercial bright, Fini Brillant, Grand Brillant,
product range
O, H2x, H1x
Format Thickness (in mm) Width (in mm)
Strip & Sheet 0.3 – 1.0 mm 46 – 1500 mm