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EHS policy


We aspire to achieve world-class performance and behaviour in safety, health, and the environment.


  • Excellent results can only be achieved if every Aludium employee is completely engaged. This kind of commitment is also essential to drive continuous improvement.
  • Safe working environments are highly productive.
  • We believe that safety results are the most reliable indicators of our performance and guarantee the solid management of our organisation.
  • We live in the communities where we work, so caring for the environment is in everyone’s interest. Protecting the environment is part of everything we do.

Environment, Health, and Safety Policy and Principles

Aludium’s policy is to work safely, responsibly, and with respect for the environment and the health of our employees, customers, and communities.

  • We value human life above everything else, therefore we manage the risks associated with our activities. Safety is our priority.
  • Creating a workplace without incidents is the task of everyone at Aludium. Every employee is responsible for their own safety, and the safety of their colleagues. We believe all incidents are preventable.
  • We do not compromise our values on health, safety, or the environment to achieve a benefit.
  • We incorporate social responsibility, economic success, and environmental excellence in our decision-making processes.
  • We look for continuous improvement in our systems and processes. Investigating and communicating the facts and data behind incidents is critical to create best practices.
  • We comply with all applicable laws. Where unacceptable risks are identified we establish more rigorous requirements for ourselves and our suppliers.
  • We measure and value our performance as part of a continuous improvement process. We are open and transparent in our communications.
  • We encourage the sustainable development of our activities by promoting the recycling, reuse, or recovery of our waste. We also improve our energy efficiency to preserve natural resources and prevent pollution.
  • We use our knowledge of health, safety, and the environment to encourage safety and welfare in our communities.
  • We promote the conservation of natural resources and the biodiversity of our environment.