Aludium - plant in Amorebieta (Spain)


The environmental management systems in Aludium’s plants are ISO 14001 certified. We have effective environmental management programmes in place for all of our activities.

We closely manage the emissions and waste we generate and continually look for innovative ways to either eliminate them at source or effectively control them. We comply with all applicable laws.

Aludium encourages the sustainable development of our activities and promotes the conservation of natural resources and the biodiversity of our environment.

We actively promote the minimisation of waste sent to landfill. Instead we promote its recovery, recycling or reuse.

“We live in the communities where we work, so keeping the environment clean is in everyone’s interest. Protecting the environment is a part of everything we do.”

Aludium is engaged in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We use the cleanest fuels available in our processes and implement efficient energy management policies and systems to support international climate change strategies.

Excellent results can only be achieved if all Aludium employees are engaged at every moment. This commitment is also essential to drive continuous improvement.