Aludium - Recycling


Aluminium is a sustainable choice for many markets because it is one of the most recycled and most recyclable materials in the world. It can be recycled infinitely without any loss of quality.

More than 30% of the aluminium consumed globally each year is obtained from recycling.

Aludium’s plants undertake secondary production and transformation of aluminium. A part of every new aluminium product we make is created from recycled aluminium scrap, a process which helps preserve natural resources, reduces landfill waste and creates much lower greenhouse gas emissions than primary aluminium production. Indeed, recycling aluminium uses just 5% of the energy that is needed to produce primary metal.

“Recycling aluminium saves energy and protects the environment.”

Recycling is critical to sustainable development. It allows natural resources to be saved and the use of raw materials to be reduced.

Window frames, electrical wires, electronics, cars, building parts, and aluminium foil are just some examples of aluminium products that can be recycled at the end of their life.