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Aludium - Cindal R&D in aluminium, leading research centre for flat rolled products.

About Cindal

Aludium’s Cindal R&D facility in Alicante (Spain) is one of the world’s leading aluminium research centres. The team of experts includes specialists in all aluminium technology areas, products and processes.

As well as taking responsibility for optimising Aludium’s own products and processes, Cindal R&D provides valuable support and advice to our customers. Whether it is finding the right alloy for an application, or information about surface finishes, Cindal R&D is there to help. The Cindal team also pass on their knowledge through our extensive training programme.


Cindal has advanced laboratories for the development of new products and to satisfy our customers’ requirements for testing and new product development.

Thermo-Mechanical process simulation

Cindal is equipped to develop new alloys, products, designs and finishes and simulate any kind of processes on aluminium. This enables customers to significantly reduce the costs of developing new products and the time needed to bring them to market.

Library and patents

Over the years, Cindal R&D has amassed an extensive reference library covering all aspects of aluminium metallurgy and processing. The R&D centre also holds a constantly growing number of patents.

International representation

Cindal R&D represents Aludium in a number of international bodies including:

  • CEN – the European organisation for the planning, drafting and adoption of European Standards for Aluminium rolled produts. Aludium is part of the Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys group (CTN/132).
  • AENOR – Spanish national standards association which is also a member of CEN. Aludium is active in CTN/38 – Light Metals (Al, Mg, Ti). and CNT/112 (corrosion and surface treatments in metallic surfaces).
  • European Aluminium (EA) and its working groups.
  • Materplat – the Technological Platform for Advanced Materials and Nanomaterials.
  • Aluminium in Contact with Food (ACF)
  • European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA)