Corrosion testing of raw & processed aluminium at Cindal R&D centre.

Cindal R&D is fully equipped for corrosion behaviour studies.


Cindal R&D is able to provide any kind of corrosion testing and to evaluate both raw and processed aluminium. This gives our customers confidence in the corrosion performance of the selected aluminium grade in applications where this is a key requirement.

Cindal R&D has extensive experience in the following types of corrosion evaluations:

  • Intergranular corrosion test (NALMT)
  • Exfoliation corrosion test (ASSET and EXCO)
  • Salt spray tests (NSST, AASST, CASST, SWAAT)
  • Ageing tests (humidity, high temperature)
  • Filiform corrosion
  • Stress corrosion cracking (SCC C-rings, T-bars)
  • Seaside real exposure
  • Other forms of corrosion such as crevice, abrasion, galvanic pairs.

Our support can include pre-asessments of material compatibility, preparation of samples (such as painting), testing, metallurgical studies and the final report (in Spanish, English and French).

All of our corrosion evaluations are carried out using the international standarised conditions (ISO, EN, ASTM) for each specific corrosion test.