Aludium - Metallographic laboratory

Metallographic laboratory is fully equipped with scanning electron microscope and optical microscopes to study and determine all the metallographic parameters.

Metallurgy and metallography

The metallurgical facilities available at Cindal R&D enable Aludium to design and monitor aluminium manufacturing processes. They also enable us to obtain a solid understanding of how aluminium structures can be optimised.

The Cindal R&D pilot plant allows us to simulate rolling procedures and different thermal treatments. Using these resources we can make a rapid assessment of innovative processes.

Our metallographic laboratory focuses on surface and micro-structural characterisation. We utilise a complete range of research tools including optical and stereoscope microscopy and scanning electronic microscopy (SEM). We can perform energy-dispersive X-ray (EDX) microanalysis to provide compositional information about the materials examined.

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Cindal R&D’s mechanical testing laboratory offers a broad array of services. These range from destructive tests like tensile and deep drawing tests to non destructive tests like optical systems to measure deformation and cracking propagation. Our complete set of tools enables us to perform analysis for the highly diversified markets and applications where Aludium’s products are used.

Aludium’s Cindal R&D specialists are ready to appraise, explain and interpret the results of our research. We can accompany our research reports with practical recommendations for both new and existing solutions.