Aludium - Cindal R&D centre: assessments to optimise aluminium's surfaces.

Surface topography is one of the more important aspects in our products so Cindal is equipped with the needed techniques like interferometric topography and SEM to measure the topographic parameters, as well as the instrumentation needed to determine optical parameters like, haze, brightness, diffusivity, etc.


Surface treatments change the aesthetic finish or general properties of the aluminium’s surface. These adjustments can be used to:

  • Provide a different surface aspect
  • Improve hardness or abrasion resistance
  • Protect the aluminium from corrosion
  • Provide better adherence for paint and other surface coatings.

Cindal R&D can provide you with technical assessments so you can achieve the desired finish or reduce surface defects. We can simulate process conditions at the lab or pilot plant scale. Our in-depth knowledge of the behaviour of aluminium during processing will enable you optimise the finish or surface performance of your products.

Aludium - Cindal - improving surface performance of flat rolled products