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Cindal R&D Transporation Centre in Alicante Spain

Aludium Transportation centre to focus on mobility

Aludium Transportation will focus on applications for aluminium in automotive, heavy trucks, buses, and railways. Our goal is to develop materials and components by working with Tier 1 and 2 suppliers. We don’t just want to be a raw material provider, we also want to provide co-engineering and service support.

Our target is to bring aluminium to a wider range of the automotive models on offer. Until now aluminium has been limited to premium brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Range Rover. We aim to bring it to the next level down.

Car mapping with rolled aluminium at Cindal R&D Centre We have already launched development programmes to explore cost-effective technologies which can make aluminium attractive to OEMs with models in the medium price bracket. Decorandum®, ISO Decorandum®, and Texturandum (patent pending) are examples of products we have already brought to market as part of this strategy. These products can go directly from the mill into the vehicle.

Aludium Transportation is part of our Cindal R&D centre, one of the leading reference laboratories for aluminium research and development in Europe.

Rolled aluminium heat shield of heavy truck, developed at Cindal R&D Centre

Cindal doesn’t just understand aluminium as a product, our R&D team knows how it must be made so it can respond perfectly during the processes our customers will use.

We have over half a century of experience with formability as a world leading supplier to the global cosmetic packaging, and closures, and food can markets. This gives us a deep understanding of aluminium’s behaviour in forming and drawing processes. We have already applied this knowledge to help Tier 2 suppliers create the complex shapes required for automotive trim applications.

We plan to enter more strategic partnerships with Tier 1 and 2 suppliers. That will see us become involved in the early development phases for new products, offering new solutions, and supporting our customers at all phases of the project. Aludium’s extensive knowledge of aluminium, together with our testing and analysis capabilities, makes us the ideal partner for this type of project.

We want to offer solutions which replace steel or other materials with lighter weight aluminium alternatives. Weight reduction is a must in this industry to meet more demanding regulations and create sustainable, environmentally friendly mobility options.

Sample of hot rolled aluminium component of a carWe are certified as a provider of automotive materials under the ISO/TS16949 quality standard and utilise advanced product quality planning (APQP) procedures.

Once we start to work with the component manufacturer we jointly develop the necessary documentation such as a product and process definition; corresponding FMEAs; a validation plan to eliminate or mitigate risks; and we define the steps required to industrialise the product. Of course, we also give our customers all the technical support they require for full certification of the component.

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