Cindal’s ISO-17025 certification extended

//Cindal’s ISO-17025 certification extended

Cindal’s ISO-17025 certification extended

After more than two months of work, Aludium’s Cindal R&D centre has had the scope of its ISO-17025 certification extended. The new certification allows Cindal to test lubricants, used on aluminium destined for applications in the food and cosmetics sectors, for compliance with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

The certification was granted by Entidad Nacional de Acreditación (ENAC), Spain’s only national accreditation body. ENAC is recognised by over 70 countries worldwide through the International Laboratory Accreditation Conference’s mutual recognition agreement (ILAC MRA).

Aluminium destined for use in food and cosmetic applications can only be marketed if it is FDA approved under ISO-17025. The certification should be part of the manufacturer’s hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) system. Tests must be carried out on lubricants used at any stage of the packaging’s production – from aluminium supplier (including Aludium) to final processing. Cindal is now the only laboratory in Europe which is certified to perform this kind of analysis.

Customers who take advantage of Cindal’s ISO-17025 testing procedures receive a full report. That report can be used as scientific and documentary evidence for inspection agencies. The accreditation should be acquired by companies which are new to the food and cosmetic sectors, or when new lubricants are introduced into Aludium’s production systems.

ISO-17025 certification is just one of the ways that Cindal R&D can help customers to ensure they comply with relevant legislation for their products. The Cindal team can help you identify the relevant standards, and testing procedures, for your products.