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Cosmetic Packaging

Aludium’s bright products for cosmetic packaging are manufactured at our plants in Alicante and Castelsarrasin. These mills are global leaders in speciality products and can supply the range of products and finishes required by cosmetic and perfume manufacturers. Together with our Cindal R&D facility, the mills can help customers to develop and prototype elegant new products to meet the demands of this challenging and constantly evolving market.

Our high-grade rolled aluminium semi-finished products are used to manufacture cosmetic containers as well as:

  • Actuator sheaths
  • Collars
  • Ferrules
  • Overcap pieces
  • Shrouds
  • Sleeves.

Aludium’s many decades of experience, coupled with our sophisticated manufacturing technologies, guarantee excellent formability and consistent quality. Several of our alloys have been specially developed by our Cindal R&D laboratory in cooperation with Aludium’s mills to meet the demanding needs of the cosmetic packaging industry. They offer:

  • Excellent response to surface treatments, allowing manufacturers to achieve shiny, coloured or satin finishes
  • A combination of high-luster finish with optimal deep drawing properties
  • Very specific dimensional tolerances.

High-grade surface qualities and finishing properties are essential to attain the degree of polish and elegance cosmetic and perfume makers require. Aludium can offer various surfaces options to meet these needs. Our surface finishes are appreciated for their uniform appearance and their excellent response to further treatments such as anodising, brightening, brushing or lacquering.

Click on the + symbols below to obtain the technical specifications of our extensive offer for the cosmetic and perfume markets.

Aludium is manufacturing bright aluminium for cosmetic packaging with perfect deep drawing properties.

Alloy Recommandations Surfaces Temper
5505 Fini Brillant, Commercial Bright H2x, H2x3, Special temper designed for highest formability requirements (low earing)
5657 High purity alloy combining excellent response to chemical surface treatments with excellent formability Fini Brillant, Commercial Bright, Industrial Bright, Mill Finish
3103 Commercial Bright, Industrial Bright, Mill Finish
3003 Recommended for less demanding finishes Commercial Bright, Industrial Bright, Mill Finish
1050 Recommended for satin finishes Commercial Bright, Industrial Bright, Mill Finish
5005 Recommended for matte finishes Mill Finish
8011 Recommended for less demanding finishes