Interview with Lionel Chapis in ‘Business Focus Magazine’

//Interview with Lionel Chapis in ‘Business Focus Magazine’

Interview with Lionel Chapis in ‘Business Focus Magazine’

The leading business publication Business Focus Magazine carried out an interview in its latest issue with our CEO, Lionel Chapis. In the report he talks about his leadership and Aludium, as well as addressing some of the hottest topics in the business world. The choice of Aludium to appear in this issue by the magazine’s management is a response to our innovative and sustainable business model and our value proposal.

Business Focus Magazine is a CEO Media Group brand, one of the fastest growing independently owned media companies in the UK. The online magazine is published bi-monthly and is aimed at high-level executives, innovators, businesspeople, and entrepreneurs, offering an overview of new trends and presenting executive and industry worldwide news.

You can see this issue of the magazine by using the following link. The report on Aludium begins on page 124.