Manuel Ruano retires as COO and President of Aludium, joins Board

//Manuel Ruano retires as COO and President of Aludium, joins Board

Manuel Ruano retires as COO and President of Aludium, joins Board

Manuel Ruano, COO and President of Aludium, announced his ‘retirement from the company at a packed news conference in Alicante on Thursday 30 August 2018. At 62, and with 15 years in the aluminium sector, Ruano is ‘retiring’ to take up a position as an independent director on Aludium’s Board of Management. The change became effective on 1 September 2018.

Arnaud de Weert, CEO of Aludium, who will take over Manuel Ruano’s commercial responsibilities until a permanent replacement is found. Michael Wallis, a member of Aludium’s board since 2015, will act as Executive Chairman responsible for operations.

Manuel Ruano joined Alcoa (the former owner of Aludium’s current assets) in 2003 after a career in the automotive industry. Between 2008 and 2015, Manuel took steps to ensure Alcoa’s Spanish-French rolling assets (including the plants in Alicante and Amorebieta in Spain, and Castelsarrasin in France) could survive the crisis and loss of key markets. That eventually resulted in the sale of the three plants to Atlas Holdings. During this time, Manuel Ruano worked closely with the new owners to develop a viable business plan. When Atlas Holdings took control of the three plants on 1 January 2015, Manuel Ruano was named as COO and President.

Since 2015, Manuel Ruano has supervised an investment plan valued at almost €60 million. These investments have seen the installation of new melting technologies at Aludium Amorebieta, and the reopening of the cast house at Aludium Alicante.

As well as increasing Aludium’s ability to recycle aluminium and create an independent supply of metal, the investment plan has allowed the company to increase its production of finished aluminium. In 2014, Aludium’s assets produced 171,000 tonnes of finished aluminium. By the end of 2018 the company is expected to be producing around 229,000 tonnes annually, a 34 percent increase since Aludium was formed.