Decorandum® offers design innovation for architects and designers

Decorandum® is an innovative and cost-effective finishing solution which adds a sophisticated and modern touch to building and construction applications such as:

  • Facades for houses, offices or showrooms
  • Shutters and blinds
  • Interior finishes for kitchens or domestic appliances.

Aludium’s Decorandum® range includes five different finishes which mimic the look and feel of stainless steel. Unlike stainless, Decorandum® is very light, making it easy to form and mount, particularly in large-scale applications such as facade panels.

Decorandum® can be applied to one or both sides of the aluminium depending on the final application. The double-sided option makes Decorandum® ideal for applications which are visible on both sides, such as window shutters. The processing parameters for single- and double-sided Decorandum® are the same.

Our specialised mills ensure a quality finish which reduces the need for further processing and speeds production. Available finishes include:

  • Decorandum® D30 and D30V: Combines the roughest finish with medium track lines to provide a sparkling and flashy appearance. In D30V, the medium track lines achieved during brushing are much more vivid. D30V is only available in thicknesses above 0.2 mm.
  • Decorandum® D40: The classic finish which is perfect for high-quality furniture.
  • Decorandum® D50: Guarantees an elegant, classic appearance thanks to its smooth finish and the longest track lines.

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