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Equipment and devices

Aluminium is frequently used in the manufacture of professional tools and consumer electronics thanks to its contemporary finish, easy to clean nature, and durability. For OEMs, aluminium is an easy material to work with and results in strong, light weight products. Aluminium can also be finished using techniques such as lacquering or anodising which further enhance its durability.

Aludium produces high quality aluminium alloys which are utilised in a variety of consumer products. Our Decorandum® and Texturandum (patent pending) product lines can also help manufacturers to create unique finishes which differentiate their products from the competition.

Aludium’s alloys are supplied directly to our customers. We offer short lead times and order flexibility thanks to our strong supply chain. Working with Aludium is also easy thanks to our single point of contact for each customer and specialised sales engineering team.

Cindal R&D is Aludium’s dedicated centre of expertise for aluminium alloys, processes, and finishes. If you are considering lightweighting or improving your products, researchers from Cindal can work with you to co-engineer and develop light weight new solutions. Contact us today to find out how we can help.