Food cans

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Food cans

Aluminium is an ideal material for food packaging as it provides a lightweight and complete barrier between the packaged goods and the outside world. That barrier blocks light, liquids, oxygen, micro-organisms, and other substances which can affect the taste or smell (organoleptic properties) of packaged goods.

Food containers made with aluminium can be used in conventional ovens and boilers. Aluminium is a highly efficient heat conductor which allows the contents of a food container to be heated to the desired temperature quickly.

With their high-quality surface, goods packaged in aluminium stand out on the shelf. Aludium’s aluminium grades for food packaging are designed to be painted or labelled, allowing fillers to easily differentiate their products in a highly crowded market.

Thanks to its excellent mechanical performance, aluminium is an easy material to manufacture into food containers. Aludium’s products for food packaging are designed for use in forming processes such as deep drawing and shaping.

Aludium produces aluminium grades which are suitable for pet food cans, ends and tab stock, and smooth wall containers. Our portfolio of food-grade aluminium products offer:

  • Excellent mechanical properties, making them highly suitable drawing and deep drawing
  • A high-quality surface which facilities the application of paint or labels and enables fillers to differentiate their products in a highly crowded market.

Aludium’s manufacturing teams work closely with our Cindal R&D centre to develop the processes and alloys that are used to make our grades for food packaging. This expertise has led to the wide acceptance of our packaging grades by the European food industry. Cindal R&D can also help you to fine-tune your production processes or identify the best grade for a challenging printing project. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

See below to find out more about Aludium’s food can portfolio.

Body and lid
Alloys as 3104 and 5052 can be used to manufacturing cans and lids
Alloy Condition Temper
3004 / 3104 Degreased, conversion coated and oiled (DOS)                                             Mill finish According to EN-541
Format Finishing Thickness (in mm) Width (in mm)
Coil Levelled 0,18 – 0,35 mm 800-1520 in coil
Non levelled Width range: 500 – 1250 mm in sheet
Sheet Levelled Length range: 600 – 1100 mm in sheet