Pharmacy and para-pharmacy packaging

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Pharmacy and para-pharmacy packaging

Aludium is manufacturer of flat rolled aluminium for pharmacy packaging. Compliant with US & European Food standards. Perfect for extremely deep drawn & decorated packaging.

Aludium is a leading provider of aluminium alloys used to package pharmacy and para-pharmacy products. These alloys preserve and protect products including:

  • Medical instruments
  • Medications
  • Disposable materials used in the health sector
  • Bottle seals and caps.

Aludium’s products and processes comply with directives from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Union regarding the use of aluminium which comes into contact with pharmaceuticals and para-pharmaceuticals.

Aludium Alicante has an excellent reputation as a reliable, flexible, and innovative partner for complex packaging manufacturers. The mill is one of the world’s leading providers of aluminium sheets for closure applications.

Our rolling technology produces aluminium sheets which are appropriate for extremely deep drawn and highly decorated applications. By using these state-of-the-art alloys, packaging makers can achieve a wide variety of mill or painted finishes which are perfect for the most demanding pharmaceutical applications.

Aludium’s Cindal R&D facility also has a full range of prototyping equipment which can be used to optimise and test new types of pharmacy and para-pharmacy products.

See the table below for more information about Aludium’s pharmaceutical portfolio.

Pharmacy and Para-pharmacy
Degreased coils
Alloy Condition Temper
8011, 8011A Degreased, Mill Finish According to EN-541
Format Finishing Thickness (in mm) Width (in mm)
Coil Levelled 0.18 – 0.35 mm 800 – 1520 mm