Aluminium’s low density, excellent formability, and strength-to-weight ratio make it the material of choice for lightweighting mobility solutions. Lighter components translate directly into lower fuel consumption and emissions over the use phase of a vehicle’s lifetime.

But aluminium offers more than just light weight. It is also easy to develop into state-of-the-art composite materials with exceptional characteristics. Integrating aluminium into existing processes is also much simpler than utilising non-metallic materials. Aludium has extensive experience with those processes, and OEM requirements, enabling us to help you develop cost-effective, lightweight solutions which are safe, recyclable, and ready for serial production.

Aludium offers aluminium alloys which are suitable for transformation into:

For OEMs, working with Aludium is a true partnership. As well as an extensive range of alloys and process expertise, Aludium’s dedicated Transportation Centre (part of Cindal R&D) can work with your designers and engineers to fully exploit the benefits of aluminium. We have extensive knowledge of lightweighting, alloys, processes, and finishes, which we can apply to a range of transportation applications.

Aludium’s products are also distributed directly to industry. This direct link between Aludium and manufacturer ensures Aludium’s products are available on schedule and in the right quantities and specifications. With our short lead time concept, flexibility, consistency in quality, single source of contact, and specialised sales engineers, Aludium is the best partner for OEMs active in the transportation sector.

Aludium complies with the ISO/TS 16949 standard for quality management systems in automotive production. We are member of the Global Advisory Group (GAG) of Germany’s aluminium association Gesamtverband der Aluminiumindustrie (GDA). Aludium is active in this organisation and helps to shape future specifications and recommendations.

Aludium’s material complies with all relevant standards applied in the sector, as well as local health, safety, and environmental regulations.