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Automotive components

Aludium manufactures a full range of coils and sheets suitable for formed automotive components. Building on aluminium’s natural advantages, our Cindal R&D centre has developed automotive parts which stand out due to their design, lightness, forming optimisation, and safety. These applications include:

  • Motor covers
  • Electronic boxes
  • Heat exchangers and shields
  • Oil tanks
  • Fuel tanks
  • Door systems
  • Brake systems
  • Structural parts.

Aludium’s mills produce rolled aluminium products of the highest quality. They meet the specific technical requirements of automotive OEMs including alloy selection, fabrication techniques, surface quality, and forming behaviour.

Alloy Products Condition Temper
1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 8xxx Coils, shates, sheets, strips Mill Finish, bright finish, … O/ – H1x, H11 – H2x, H3x
Thickness Width
0.10 – 10 mm 20 – xxx mm
Aluminium used for insulation in heat exchange systems such as automotive applications, and heat exchangers.
Automotive Fins
Automotive cooling applications.
Alloy Condition Temper
8079 Mill Finish O, H18
Format Finishing Thickness (in mm) Width (in mm)
Coil 0.04 – 0.08 780 -1670
Heat Exchangers
Shell and tube heat exchangers.
Alloy Condition Temper
3003 Mill Finish O, H12, H14
Format Finishing Thickness (in µm) Width (in mm)
Coil 0.20 – 0.50 780 – 1670
General applications.
Alloy Condition Temper
1100 Mill Finish O, H22, H24, H19
8006 O, H22, H24, H26
8011 O, H18
Format Finishing Thickness (in µm) Width (in mm)
Coil 0.08 – 0.25 780 – 1670