Decorandum offers lightweight, cost-effective alternative to stainless steel

Decorandum is an innovative and cost-effective material for car designers who are looking for lightweight alternatives to stainless steel. Every Decorandum® product is finished to our exacting standards in Aludium’s specialised mills. For carmakers this reduces labour costs and speeds-up production.

Ideal for automotive trim applications, the Decorandum® family includes:

  • Decorandum® D30 and D30V: Combines the roughest finish with medium track lines to provide a sparkling and flashy appearance. In D30V, the medium track lines achieved during brushing are much more vivid. D30V is only available in thicknesses above 0.2 mm.
  • Decorandum® D40: The classic finish which is perfect for premium and decorative automotive interior parts.
  • Decorandum® D50: Guarantees an elegant, classic appearance thanks to its smooth finish and the longest track lines.

Decorandum® can be applied to one or both sides of the aluminium depending on the final application.

The Decorandum® range creates the premium finishing touch for the interior of all types of transport including modern cars, mobile homes, and yachts. It is already being deployed by leading European manufacturers of premium vehicles. Thanks to its hard-wearing finish, Decorandum® can also be applied in public transport solutions such as trams, buses and trains.

Decorandum® was developed by Aludium’s Cindal R&D centre as an alternative to stainless steel in decorative applications. This unique product is now finding uses in a range of different sectors from building and construction to automotive trim.

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