Texturandum, aluminium with logo, leather look, elephant skin,...

Texturandum, tailor-made patterns for decorative applications

Texturandum (patent pending), a breakthrough solution in tailorable aluminium finishes.

Texturandum (patent pending) is unique and completely different. Decorandum® is characterised by its random patterns. With Texturandum (patent pending), any kind of well-defined pattern can be applied to the aluminium. These can be natural patterns such as leather, honeycomb, or elephant skin, or geometric patterns like carbon-fibre or a chequer board. Even graphical elements such as logos or characters can be applied. In fact, almost every pattern is possible.

At Aludium, we are happy to co-engineer the development of exclusive, tailor-made patterns with our customers.

Texturandum (patent pending) eliminates labour-intensive processes such as enbossing, brushing or printing which will lead to significant cost and time savings during processing. As Texturandum (patent pending) can be anodised, clear coated, and printed, customers can also innovate their applications and create added value.

The process of applying the Texturandum (patent pending) finish to the aluminium doesn’t have any impact on the initial mechanical properties of the metal itself. The advantages speak for themselves: our customers don’t have to change anything in their process if they want to start working with Texturandum (patent pending). The aluminium will behave in exactly the same way as the standard alloy without the Texturandum (patent pending) finish. Introducing Texturandum (patent pending) into an existing production line won’t cause any problems and can be implemented very quickly.

When Texturandum (patent pending)  is released , it will be available in coils and slit coils. The initial gauges will range from 0.2 to 1.0 mm. Other gauges and formats will become available after the start-up period.

Makers of automotive trim have been very interested, particularly for the interiors of today’s modern mobility solutions. A customer wants to use Texturandum (patent pending) to watermark the packaging of their products to protect them against copycats.

Manufacturers of interior design elements have also been very enthusiastic. We are convinced that Texturandum (patent pending) is the ideal finish in any application where pattern and/or colour adds value.

Why you should choose Texturandum (patent pending):

  • Available in a wide range of soft alloys, and as coils and slit coils
  • Natural or geometric patterns applied directly at the mill
  • Tailor-made patterns guarantee exclusivity
  • Authentic look and feel but using a cost-effective industrial process
  • Finish does not impact on the general performance of the alloy
  • Industrialised process ensures consistent look and feel.