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Trucks and trailers

Aluminium’s high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, ease of processing, and recyclability make it the preferred material in the construction of heavy goods trucks and trailers. By utilising aluminium to its full potential, OEMs can optimise the environmental and on-road performance of their vehicles while ensuring reliability and cost-effective performance.

Aludium produces coils, shates, and sheets in a range of alloys that are suitable for truck and trailer applications including:

  • Brake systems
  • Fuel tanks
  • Oil tanks
  • Heat exchangers and shields
  • Stairs and ladders
  • Structural components.

Aludium’s products meet the most exacting criteria for surface quality and process tolerances, key requirements for truck and trailer OEMs. They are also available in a variety of alloys and sizes to suit every application.

See below to find out more about Aludium’s portfolio.

Alloy Products Condition Temper
1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 8xxx Coils, shates, sheets, strips Mill Finish O/ – H1x, H11 – H2x, H3x
Thickness Width
0.10 – 10 mm 20 – 1700 mm