Aludium produces coils & sheets from pure aluminium alloys of 1000, 3000, 5000 & 8000 series.


A wide range of aluminium alloys are utilised to manufacture Aludium’s product range. We focus on producing coils and sheets from pure alloys. Our fabrication processes utilise both hardening- (such as hot and cold rolling) and softening-operations (annealing or re-crystallisation for example) to achieve the final properties our customers require.

The finished metal typically belongs to the 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx or 8xxx alloy series. All alloys in the same series share similar properties:

  • 1xxx series: Provide corrosion resistance, good formability, weldability and conductivity.
  • 3xxx series: Exhibit moderate resistance to atmospheric and chemical agents, and offer higher mechanical properties and better formability than pure aluminium.
  • 5xxx series: Typically used in applications in which corrosion resistance, high strength, good response to surface treatment, and good surface finish are required. 5xxx series alloys respond well to gloss variations achieved by etching or brightening, and the final aesthetic finish obtained after anodising. They also offer excellent formability and good weldability.
  • 8xxx series: Offer a combination of properties similar to 1xxx series alloys but with higher strength, better formability, and improved stiffness. 8xxx series alloys are normally suitable for thinner gauge applications.