Aludium - annealing furnaces : Tempers & alloys define exceptional deep drawing formability and bending.


Aludium can supply any temper for any wrought alloy on demand. Material from our portfolio can be strengthened through strain hardening (cold work) or softened through heat treatment operations (annealing).

A completely soft temper is known as ‘O’. Strain-hardened tempers (H) are followed by at least two digits which identify the type of finish and strength.

The first digit refers to the kind of process that the material has suffered at the end, where 1 = cold worked; 2 = cold worked and partially annealed; 3 = cold worked and stabilised; 4 = cold worked and baked.

The second digit refers to the level of strength and can be: 2 (quarter hard); 4 (half hard); 6 (three-quarters hard); 8 (hard); or 9 (extra hard).

Deep drawing formability and the correct bending performance are achieved using certain alloy and temper combinations. For example, by combining strain hardening and annealing, different tempers can be obtained. Examples of soft tempers include O, H12 or H22, while hard tempers include H18, H19, or H28.

Aludium can create almost any combination of properties required for a wide range of applications.

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