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Aludium - Manufacturing flat rolled aluminium.


Aludium’s manufacturing process starts with the definition of the composition alloy. The raw material can be supplied from Aludium’s own casting capabilities or from external, qualified suppliers. Every slab is thoroughly controlled to ensure the casting microstructure meets the defined quality level required for each application. The slabs are first cleaned (surface scalping and trimming of extremes) and then thermally treated. They are hot rolled until the correct intermediate dimensions and adequate metallurgical structure is achieved. Following the final temper and modification of characteristics, the slab is sent to be cold rolled.

The cold rolling operation is performed using high-tech cold mills which provide the final material with the temper and surface finish required for any specified application. By controlling rolling reductions and thermal treatments, it is possible to ensure the defined mechanical performance of the material within a temper, with variations that can be defined by the customer. This makes the final product unique and suitable for the final application. Key data such as flatness, profile, thickness, width tolerances and surface condition are measured and controlled to provide a high quality product.

Aludium operates an extensive range of equipment and lines, enabling us to supply aluminium in many different conditions and specifications. Rolling lines, slitters, edge trimmers and cut-to-length capabilities allow Aludium to provide almost any aluminium product for almost any sector. We can also deliver the material in degreased and tension-levelled condition, which increases our product offer extensively.

A wide variety of surface finishes are available. These range from variations in roughness and bright appearance, to degreased and converted material which is processed in our pre-treatment lines. Aludium can process the metal to enhance its anti-corrosion properties, or promote paint adhesion.

All of Aludium’s products are manufactured using dedicated processes which have been optimised through our extensive experience and deep technological knowledge. Key variables such as metal composition and thermomechanical transformation (hot or cold working, and annealing) are thoroughly controlled for a reliable and continuously high-quality product. Rigorous best practices and internal standards are applied to ensure we create products which comply with the most demanding customer expectations.

Aludium is also able to offer new and customised aluminium coils and sheets by improving or modifying the properties of existing materials. Our work is carried out in close cooperation with the customer and with the support of our dedicated Cindal R&D centre.