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Aludium - the perfect surface quality is produced in our bright mill

Surface quality

Aludium produces metal with the surface finish specified by the customer. Almost any option is possible ranging from variations in roughness and bright appearance in the mill finish, to strong surface patterns (directional or isotropic).

Our Decorandum® D10, D30 or D50 grades are offered with finishes which simulate those of stainless steel substrates. Other kind of finishes includes:

  • Customised grind fingerprints
  • Textured surfaces
  • Shot blasted appearance for a more isotropic aspect.

Aludium can produce metal with any other surface pattern that can be engraved onto the work rolls to provide tailored aluminium surfaces. These can include anti-copying effects, special designs, or watermarks.

All of our surface finishes are appreciated for their uniform appearance. Our Bright, Fine brilliant and Grand brilliant surface finishes have typical specular gloss values ranging from 70 to 85%. Our products meet the most demanding requirements for surface treatment including anodising, brightening, brushing, lacquering, laser engraving, lithography, or silk printing.

Surface finish Industrial bright Bright Commercial bright Fini brillant Grand brillant Semi specular
Specular gloss* 45% 70% 65% 75% 75% 50%

*Minimum according to DIN 67530, ASTM D523 and ISO 2813 standards. Measured at 20º with a reflectometer in the rolling direction. These values show guaranteed minimum gloss on raw samples in hard temper. They can vary widely depending on the alloy, temper and dimensions.