Proud to work at Aludium

//Proud to work at Aludium

Proud to work at Aludium

Some of the Alicante workers who have worked at the mill for more than 40 years each

Long service celebrated at Aludium Alicante

On 10 November 2017, Aludium held a celebration for 34 workers in Alicante who each celebrate four-decades of working for the company this year. Aludium Alicante was founded in 1955, and currently has a workforce of 440 people. More than 60 people working in Alicante now have over 40 years of service with the company, indicating the high degree of connection our people have with the plant.

In addition to the 34 workers, the celebration was attended by Aludium’s management team and senior staff from the plant. Family members, colleagues, and the Works Council were also invited.

During the event, the management team recognised the professionalism of these workers and their ability to adapt to the changes that have taken place at Aludium Alicante over the past 40 years. The staff were left in no doubt that their work was appreciated and that they are an ongoing part of the history of the plant and Aludium.