Aludium’s second annual Safety Week a great success

The second edition of Safety Week took place from 23 to 27 October at all three Aludium plants. Events included safety workshops and activities as well as plant inspections by invited guests from local companies. During the week, Atlas Holdings also held a safety meeting for companies in its portfolio.

Aludium Alicante holds range of practical safety events

Safety Week was celebrated in Alicante on 23 and 24 October. Several events took place involving employees, external organisations, and local authorities.

The week started with an EHS presentation conducted by Jose A. Baeza, EHS Manager for Aludium Alicante. Topics covered included accident prevention systems, and safety improvements and investments at the Alicante plant. Following this meeting, Alicante EHS technicians, the plant’s doctor, and representatives from the ASEPEYO insurance organisation conducted a number of practical activities. These included fire extinguisher handling, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and working with an exoskeleton to reduce stress on the body from lifting and other physical activities.

On Tuesday 24 October, representatives from 15 external companies, the plant’s unions, and local authorities visited the plant. The Mayor of Alicante, D. Gabriel Echavarri, also attended and Manuel Ruano acted as host for the day. A highlight for the visitors was a rescue-at-height drill with the Alicante Fire Brigade in the plant’s workshop. The Mayor of Alicante then inaugurated the upgraded L95 machine and formally opened the new Aludium Visitor Centre. The visitors also undertook safety inspections with a focus on mobile equipment. More than 70 observations were made during the day.

Aludium Amorebieta reinforces commitment to safety

Safety Week 2017 in Amorebieta began with a presentation to all employees focusing on the risks associated with mobile equipment and falls to the same level. A rollover simulator was also brought to the plant to alert employees to the risks of not wearing a seatbelt, and the effect of alcohol and drugs on driving.

On Wednesday 25 October, more than 30 local companies visited our plant to make safety observations. As with all safety inspections during Safety Week 2017, the focus was on mobile equipment and falls to the same level.

The last event of the week was held on Thursday 26 October and involved Arantxa Tapia, the Minister for Economic Development and Infrastructure in the Basque Region; Andoni Agirrebetia, the Mayor of Amorebieta; and other local authorities.

Arantxa Tapia formally opened the new rotary furnace in the Cast House, before attending a crane rescue simulation carried out by Amorebieta employees in cooperation with the local emergency services. All employees took part in this event which was also attended by Phil Schuch from Atlas Holdings, Aludium CEO Arnaud De Weert, and Aludium’s President and COO Manuel Ruano. Arantxa Tapia congratulated Aludium on its commitment to safety and the efforts the company takes to ensure the well-being of all employees. She noted that Aludium was a good example for other industrial companies in the region.

Safety Week in Castelsarrasin 

Castelsarrasin started Safety Week on 24 October with a presentation of accident statistics and their cost to the community. This meeting was attended by the EHS legal advisor from the local metallurgic industry union, representatives from the local government, and the safety and environment expert from the Castelsarrasin Chamber of Commerce.

All employees attended a fire exercise which was led by a firefighter from the new local rescue centre. It gave the Castelsarrasin team a chance to review the actions they should take when a fire alert sounds. A car-accident simulator was also brought to the plant to demonstrate the risks of speed, and the use of mobile phones on driving performance.

On the final day of events, the plant’s occupational doctor gave a presentation on the risks of silica exposure to rolling mill operators. Prevention methods were also discussed including the importance of wearing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE). The doctor also discussed the risks of noise and the role of PPE in preventing hearing loss.