Aludium publishes its 2020 Sustainability Report focusing on aluminium recycling as a pillar of its strategy

The company is aligning sustainability throughout its value chain thanks to the investments made over recent years aimed mainly at reducing its ecological footprint. These developments have increased Aludium’s global aluminium recycling capacity, reaching 200 KT by the end of 2020, which translates into a reduction in CO2 emissions equivalent to 350,000 tonnes per year. This strategy, the construction of the most efficient recycling circuit for aluminium, is in line with the Paris Agreement and the European Circular Economy Action Plan. In terms of company performance, the health and safety of its employees remained Aludium’s number one priority in 2020, at year close there had been no covid cases at any of its plants.


Aludium publishes its 2020 Sustainability Report focusing on aluminium recycling as a pillar of its strategy2021-06-03T20:05:22+00:00

Interview with Lionel Chapis in ‘Business Focus Magazine’

The leading business publication Business Focus Magazine carried out an interview in its latest issue with our CEO, Lionel Chapis. In the report he talks about his leadership and Aludium, as well as addressing some of the hottest topics in the business world. The choice of Aludium to appear in this issue by the magazine’s management is a response to our innovative and sustainable business model and our value proposal.

Business Focus Magazine is a CEO Media Group brand, one of the fastest growing independently owned media companies in the UK. The online magazine is published bi-monthly and is aimed at high-level executives, innovators, businesspeople, and entrepreneurs, offering an overview of new trends and presenting executive and industry worldwide news.


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The way we run our business has changed. Our long-term goals have not changed, but in ALUDIUM a new wind is blowing. We are more flexible and agile; ready to deliver the best response in an uncertain and changing market environment, while focusing internally on safety and people, values that have always been company’s distinguishing attributes. We are transforming our vision to build a more sustainable, flexible, and solid business for every ALUDIUM stakeholder.

This magazine is also a sign of this transformation. Inside this magazine you can know a little more about our CEO, and his vision about the company future, we also give special emphasis to our talent and engaged PEOPLE, and a section reserved to our clients.
Hope you enjoy to read  it!

Download the magazine ‘ALUDIUM TODAY’ at this link

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