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“Decorandum® combines versatility with unique visual and tactical appeal to give any application a feeling of style. Decorandum® makes a statement instantly! It offers interior designers, electronics manufacturers, and automotive engineers the perfect metallic finishing touch.”

Decorandum® offers design innovation for architects and designers


Decorandum ® is an innovative and cost-effective finish that offers a sophisticated and modern touch in construction and building applications such as:

  • Facades for houses, offices or showrooms
  • Blinds and shutters
  • Interior finishes for kitchens or appliances

Aludium’s Decorandum ® range includes four different finishes that mimic the appearance of stainless steel. Unlike steel, Decorandum ® is very light, making it easy to deform and mount, particularly in large-scale applications such as facade panels.

Decorandum ® can be applied to one or two sides of the aluminum, depending on the final application. The double-sided option makes Decorandum ® ideal for applications visible from both sides, such as window blinds. The manufacturing parameters for single and double-sided Decorandum ® are the same.


Decorandum ® is an innovative and cost-effective material for automotive designers who are looking for lightweight alternatives to stainless steel.

Each Decorandum ® product is finished to our highest quality standards using specialized laminators. For car manufacturers this reduces labor costs and speeds up production.

The Decorandum ® range creates the best finishing touch for the interiors of all types of transportation including modern cars, caravans and yachts. It has been developed by the main European producers for the Premium vehicle range. Thanks to its consistent finish, Decorandum ® can also be applied to solutions for public transport such as trams, buses and trains.

Decorandum ® can be applied to one or two sides of the aluminum, depending on the final application.

Premium aluminum for premium applications

Decorandum ® is obtained in our specialized laminators to reduce the need for subsequent operations, thus speeding up production at the end customer. Available finishes include:

  • Decorandum ® D30 and D30V: Combine the roughest finish with brush lines to provide a bright, directional and eye-catching appearance. In D30V, the lines that are achieved are more intense. D30V is only available in thicknesses greater than 0.2mm.
  • Decorandum ® D40: the perfect classic finish for premium car interior accent pieces.
  • Decorandum ® D50: Ensures an elegant and classic look thanks to its smooth finish and a long continuous footprint.

Decorandum ® has been developed by Aludium’s Cindal R&D center as an alternative to stainless steel in decorative applications. This unique product is currently being used in different sectors, from construction to automotive coatings.

Decorandum® benefits in a few words:

  • Available in any alloy (1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 8xxx) and format (coils, cut coils and sheets)
  • Typical thicknesses: 1.5mm up to the ultra fine 0.08mm (80 microns)
  • Three patterns, two intensities – and more in development
  • Lightweight alternative to stainless steel
  • Authentic premium look and feel with no labor cost9
  • Industrialized process that gives a consistent look and feel.

Learn more about Decoramdum

– 50% less lubricant residues which means less degreasing action before painting

– Provides better lubrication which improves the forming capacity

– Non-directional pattern optimizes cutting and processing operations

It offers even greater convertibility than Decorandum® thanks to its better lubrication properties. Transformability has been greatly improved, achieving even more complex aesthetic shapes.

ISO Decorandum® can be delivered practically “dry” (50% less lubricant), therefore, depending on the product, the degreasing process could be eliminated. It also provides a better surface for lacquering.

ISO Decorandum ® is also easier to process because of the sparse and non-directional pattern. Indeed you do not need to worry about the direction of the pattern. You can optimize the
cutting process
, reducing cutting waste. Processing is also simpler as operators do not need to monitor the direction of the pattern.

We also believe that it could revolutionize lighting . ISODecorandum ® reflects light in any direction, making it a perfectly reflective material for LEDs in modern lighting solutions.

A few years ago an analysis was carried out of the processes used by elevator manufacturers to make decorative panels on them. Through these processes, the supplier looks for durable decorative panels that are resistant to the touch in highly exposed areas . The feeling to the touch is very important, for example, metal should feel cold.

At the same time, suppliers are seeking to reduce the weight and cost of the parts they manufacture. One way to achieve this is reducing manufacturing costs by automating processes. However, decorative aluminum elements are labor intensive. Brushing the surface is time consuming and many suppliers still do it manually.

From this analysis, the Cindal team began to investigate how to address these problems, as well as increasing the use of aluminum in decorative applications.

The result is Decorandum ® , a product where our customers no longer need to carry out the brushing process manually . The aluminum already comes directly from the laminator with the desired surface and with a very consistent quality. Brushing has become an industrial process, but with the look and feel of a handmade product.

It took us four years to develop and optimize a completely new production process. Decorandum ® was registered last year and officially launched for the interior of the car in 2015. Although this was not the first application we had envisioned for < / span> Decorandum ® , we are now in the homologation phase with several automotive customers. We are providing technical support to adjust their processes so that we can integrate Decorandum ® into their products.

From the beginning we decided to develop a complete line of products. We have created three different grades , depending on the footprint length. Two of the grades are available in a standard or vivid finish. The Vivid finish (indicated by a V in the product name) has a deeper roughness.

  • Decorandum ® D30 and D30V: Combine the roughest finish with scribe lines to provide a bright, eye-catching appearance. In D30V, the brushing lines that are achieved are more intense. D30V is only available for thicknesses greater than 0.2mm.
  • Decorandum® D40: The perfect classic finish for premium and decorative car interior parts.
  • Decorandum ® D50: Ensures an elegant and classic appearance thanks to its smooth finish and long drawn lines.

We can supply Decorandum ® in a wide range of alloys and thicknesses from 0.10 to 1.5 millimeters (or finer on request). This ensures that different production processes can be worked on. Aludium can supply Decorandum ® in coils, cut coils, or sheets.

There are many, but the main benefit is the thickness. We can deliver Decorandum ® in a wide range of thicknesses, including very thin thicknesses. This allows suppliers to use Decorandum ® as a decorative layer on a molded plastic component. It can also be used as a structural and decorative part. Aluminum provides toughness to the part, but not added weight. These properties make it ideal for interior decorative applications .

Decorandum ® is available in a wide range of alloys. It can also be anodized or lacquered to add color or the correct level of corrosion protection for the application.

We initially developed Decorandum ® as a decorative solution, but it has the potential to be used in a wide range of applications. Decorandum® is very suitable for automotive finishes such as dashboards or panels, or domestic finishing applications such as refrigerators. Basically in any application where stainless steel is used for decoration. However Decorandum ® has the advantage of being lighter, easy to shape and available in a selection of different decorative patterns. For example, we have seen that Decorandum ® has been used to decorate a lobby in an office building. Decorandum ® has also been used to cover structural columns in order to give a stainless steel appearance. In fact, it would have been impossible to cover these abutments with stainless steel because the radius is too small for their properties. For Decorandum ® this has not been a problem thanks to its flexibility at low thickness.

So that customers can see it we have implemented a sample service in Cindal. We make sure that each of our Sales Directors have samples so they can show them to their clients. Ask your Director of Sales for a sample today.