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“ALUDIUM’s global recycling capacity reached 200 KT in 2020 thanks to the effort and progress made over recent years.”

We Are


Aludium is a new entity that encompasses three former Alcoa factories in Spain and France, as well as a state-of-the-art aluminum research and development center in Spain. These facilities have been merged under the Aludium brand.

We are unique

We remain committed to the construction, distribution and specialty products markets. While aluminum producing companies tend to focus in recent times on the aerospace and automotive market, we will continue to make our experience available to the main industrial sectors. We have a clear vision of both our future and the overall contribution that aluminum makes to the world. The long industrial history of the Aludium facilities, opened in the 1950s and constantly renovated since then, provides us with enormous practical experience. Our independence allows us to choose the direction in which we want to move forward and to focus our efforts on the two aspects that we consider essential to guarantee the conservation of the environment: sustainability and recycling.

We are fast

Forget waiting months for a delivery. All Aludium production is made to order. Thanks to the agility of our structure, our sophisticated supply chain and efficient logistics management, we have the ability to respond quickly to all your requests, no matter how complex. The usual wait time is only three to four weeks.

We are a

Teamwork generates the best results, and ours is led by aluminum veterans a guarantee of success. All Aludium customers can enjoy the best products on the market, as well as excellent care and service.

We are stable

Our company has experienced tremendous growth. All the industrial sectors in which we operate grew during the past year, including the following: construction (facades, structures and fittings), packaging (cosmetics, food and beverages), commercial transport and lighting products (for example, reflectors). 

We are experts

Aludium’s exceptional R&D facilities at Cindal advise our customers to help them decide the best alloy for their application and the tools and process required to achieve extraordinary products. In this
center we can develop prototypes for your products and your production processes. You can also count on our R&D team to train your operators in the latest production techniques.

We are passionate

Aludium has a true passion for innovation, for aluminum, for the sectors in which we operate and, above all, for our customers, suppliers and partners. That is what sets us apart. And that difference is the reason why you should choose us as your supplier. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to place an order or ask any question. You just need to send us an e-mail or call us by phone.


Aludium is a leading provider of aluminum solutions for the Industrial and Distribution markets in Europe.

We manufacture coils and sheets for the building and construction market, industrial applications, gloss and decoration, closures (caps) and cosmetic containers.

Aludium customers can rely on our short lead times, reliable quality, state-of-the-art supply and excellent logistics capabilities.

Our goal is to become the global provider of reference for our clients.


People come first

Personal integrity

Excellence in Performance


People come first

Diverse and inclusive culture where all people feel committed, and offer the best of themselves.

Nothing brings more value to the business than well-managed teams. Safety is the basis of all our actions.

Self-determination, we undertake our ideas.

Integrity is never compromised.

Ethics is part of our business.

Do not do to others what you would not like them to do to you.

We achieve our goals without shortcuts.

Excellence in performance oriented to results

We compete in the market in a sustainable way.

Continuous improvement is our development engine.

Our essence: Clear indicators, Open communication and financial involvement.

Whatever you have to do… do it now! Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

Don’t wait for someone to come fix your problem.

ALUDIUM is committed to ethical and sustainable business practices, as well as working in partnership with our suppliers, contractors and other parties with whom we do business (hereinafter collectively “the suppliers”) with in order to ensure consistency with these principles.
While we recognize that the legal and cultural environments in which our suppliers operate are different, we believe that these principles are common throughout the world. We have developed standards that reflect these principles, in order to
provide timely clarifications to suppliers in relation to our expectations in this regard.
ALUDIUM has developed its standards for suppliers taking as base seven key principles: integrity; The sustainability; the environment, health and safety; the clients; the excellence; respect for people; profitability and responsibility. We hope and trust that our suppliers live up to these principles and the practices that make up the standards defined for ALUDIUM’s suppliers.

Our suppliers must conduct their business with ethics and integrity. This includes:

∙ Respect for local, national and international laws, including applicable standards, laws, rules and regulations, and also those related to the environment, labor relations, human rights, health and safety and anti-competitive practices.
∙ Conducting business in compliance with all applicable anti-corruption conventions, laws and regulations.
∙ Gathering information on competition by legal means and not share confidential information belonging to other parties without their written permission.
∙ Act ethically and responsibly in conducting business, including (but not limited to) complying with laws , rules and regulations against corruption and bribery.
∙ Provide transparency to the supply chain, from the original source to ALUDIUM, in accordance with current laws and regulations.

Our suppliers must operate in such a way that they fulfill their obligations to customers. This includes:

∙ Compliance with formalized agreements and contracts.
∙ Ensuring a supply of quality materials and services on time and in accordance with ALUDIUM’s specifications.
∙ Notification to ALUDIUM as soon as possible of any internal or value chain lack of conformity or other matters that may affect the supplier’s ability to provide compliant and punctual performance.
∙ The representation of products, services and prices in a trustworthy and exact way.
∙ The maintenance of fair commercial standards in advertising, sales and competition.
∙ The formalization of business with a commitment to maximum transparency, and consistent with good practices and commercial confidentiality.

Our suppliers must commit to continuous improvement and excellence. This includes:

∙ Communicate to ALUDIUM as soon as possible the issues that may affect its performance, investigate the root cause and implement all necessary corrective actions.
∙ Provide the information relevant upon request to those attempting to verify compliance.

Our suppliers must respect the human rights of all people associated with their operations, including local communities and workers. This includes:

∙ Do not participate under any circumstances in human trafficking, use child labor or forced labor, such as prison labor, forced labor, people in chains, slavery or servitude.
∙ Respect the human dignity and rights of workers, each individual and the communities associated with its operations.
∙ Prohibit any type of corporal punishment, harassment, discrimination or abuse of candidates or workers.
∙ Ensure that employee compensation meets or exceeds the legal minimum standard and that it fully complies with all applicable laws.
∙ Recognize and respect the freedom of employees to join or decline Join legally authorized associations or organizations.
∙ Have a statement of equal employment opportunities or a code of conduct that does not allow discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, disability des, sexual orientation, gender identity / expression, genetics, seniority status, sex or age (within the limits stipulated by law).

Our suppliers must make all financial reports completely and accurately and not compromise ethics, security or obligations in order to obtain profitability. This includes:

∙ Maintaining a strict financial control environment and publicly disclosing financial results whenever appropriate.
∙ Abide by all applicable financial reporting rules and regulations.
∙ Prepare financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
∙ Maintain adequate and accurate records of all business operations and transactions in accordance with current retention policies and statutes of limitations.

Our suppliers must demonstrate and take responsibility for these principles throughout their supply chain.

We manufacture special products and we have a diversified offer

Aludium products are manufactured in our three modern production plants that work in perfect coordination with our leading R&D center. Aludium’s factory network is fully integrated to meet all the needs of our customers. These are our main facilities:

Amorebieta (Spain): sheet casting, hot rolling, cold rolling and finishing.

Castelsarrasin (France): gloss laminate and finishes.

Alicante (Spain): cold rolled and finished.

Alicante (Spain): research and development, prototypes and training.

Aludium specializes in cutting, molding, lamination and finishing, areas in which our expertise is unmatched. We are also proud to provide a highly diversified portfolio of clients.

Aludium’s proposal is clear.

We offer you a range of proven solvency products that is complemented by our application of innovative techniques and solutions. As our research reveals new possibilities, we will expand the known boundaries of the industry and explore new territory. We guarantee the following services:

  • Wide variety of alloys and dimensions tailored to your needs.
  • Speed of delivery and optimization of logistics.
  • Advice for prototype design and production.
  • Reliability in assistance and training.

Aludium's Quality Policy

ALUDIUM is committed to the satisfaction of our customers through the delivery of safe and reliable products, the achievement of verifiable objectives through the continuous improvement of the management of processes, and compliance with rules and regulations, in an environment that encourages safety of its employees and contractors, respect for the environment and the sustainable development of its activities.

Environmental Health & Safety Policy

At ALUDIUM our policy is to work safely, responsibly and with respect for the environment and the health of our employees, our customers and the community.

We seek to be a global benchmark in our management of and performance in health, safety and environmental matters.

Aludium has a very flat management structure that ensures a highly flexible and responsive organization. The team is led by CEO Lionel Chapis, with more than two decades of experience in the aluminum industry.

Aludium was created in 2015, but the facilities that make up the company have a longer history dating back more than 60 years. Founded as independent laminations, Alicante, Amorebieta and Castelsarrasin joined as part of the same corporate entity in 1999. For decades, the laminators have been modernized to expand their capabilities.

2020Internal production of recycled aluminium slabs reached more than 70% of total production requirements.
2019 Aludium Amorebieta & Alicante have been ASI Certified ON 13 DECEMBER 2019.
2018 Multi Chamber furnace installed in Amorebieta. • Re-opening cast house in Alicante (DC and CC).
2016 Rotary furnace installed in Amorebieta.
2015 Aludium is launched on January 1 after the acquisition of Alcoa’s Spanish and French System (SFS) by Atlas.
2011 Cindal R&D is certified as a test and calibration laboratory. (EN 17025: 2005).
1999 Alcoa acquires Castelsarrasin lamination in France. Together with Alicante and Amorebieta in Spain, it becomes part of the Spanish and French System group.
1998 Alcoa acquires all the shares of INESPAL, including Alicante and Amorebieta.
1994 Castelsarrasin modernizes its machinery after the purchase of a second cold laminator for gloss.
1992 The Amorebieta plant is modernized with the Delfín Plan. In addition to the hot and cold rolling mills of the most modern technology, Amorebieta acquires an automatic coil storage system, new finishing machines with integrated storage and a new high-performance melting furnace.
1990 Amorebieta buys plate preheating furnaces with a capacity of 286 tons.
1989 Under INESTAL’s Delfín Plan, the Alicante plant is modernized after the purchase of a third thin sheet mill, two cutting lines, a continuous annealing and degreasing line, and two annealing furnaces. The Cold Rolling workshop was also modernized with a special products area.
1985 Alicante and Amorebieta become part of the same company for the first time – INESPAL (Industria Española del Aluminio, SA).
1975 The Cindal R&D center starts operating in Alicante.
1969 ENDASA (Empresa Nacional del Aluminio, S. A.) is founded with ALCAN as shareholder.
1963 Important investments are made in Alicante, such as the installation of a second cold rolling mill, annealing ovens, a cutting line, a flattening line under tension and a cutter. A new area is adapted for the foil and foil-conversion business.
1961 Alicante is associated with Alcan Ibérico S.A.
1961 Amorebieta begins the production of rolled aluminum products.
1959 Alicante acquires its first hot rolling mill and its first cold rolling mills.
1957 Castelsarrasin becomes part of Tréfimétaux.
1955 Aliberico, S.A. is founded in Alicante to manufacture cable, and laminated and extrusion products.
1849 Castelsarrasin starts working producing copper. During the following century it evolved and produced other metals including, since 1915, aluminum.