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Aludium is a new entity that encompasses three former Alcoa factories in Spain and France, as well as a state-of-the-art aluminum research and development center in Spain. These facilities have been merged under the Aludium brand.

We manufacture special products and we have a diversified offer


Aluminum offers endless possibilities for architectural applications. It is a light and sustainable alternative to other materials due to:

– Good strength-to-weight ratio

– Excellent fire resistance

– Excellent surface finish adjustable to customer needs

– High degree of flatness, important for facades and other large surfaces.

– Excellent resistance to corrosion.

– Long-term durability without maintenance.


Power generation requires durable, cost-effective materials that can be easily and efficiently transformed into complex shapes. Aluminum is positioned as a unique material that meets these characteristics.

In the energy sector, aluminum products are used for both construction and functional applications.

Among them:

– Thermal isolation

– Heat transmission

– Energy generation


Aluminum is a lightweight option for packaging producers due to its excellent processability and waterproof nature.

These key characteristics make aluminum an ideal choice for:

– Plugs

– Packaging for cosmetics

– Pharmacy and parapharmacy packaging

– Food cans

– Semi-rigid containers


One of Aludium’s main markets is Distribution.

While other competitors are leaving the sector, Aludium has a clear long-term vision to focus on Distribution within the European market, which, together with our wide range of products, good deadlines and reliable logistics, is one of the main reasons why specialist aluminum distributors and service centers have made Aludium their trusted supplier.


Aluminum is frequently used for professional and manufacturing tools and in consumer electronics thanks to its contemporary finish, cleanability and durability.

For equipment manufacturers, aluminum is a material that is easy to work with and that makes strong and lightweight products.

Aluminum can also be finished using techniques such as lacquering or anodizing that further enhance its durability.


The lightness, the excellent convertibility and the strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum make it an ideal material for mobility solutions.

The lighter components translate directly into lower fuel consumption and emissions over the life of the vehicle.

But aluminum offers more than just light weight.

It is easy to transform into state-of-the-art composite materials with exceptional characteristics.

Wide variety of alloys and dimensions tailored to your needs.

Fast in
delivery and optimization of logistics.

for prototype design and production.

Reliability in assistance and training.

We offer you a range of proven solvency products that is complemented by our application of innovative techniques and solutions.

As our research reveals new possibilities, we will expand the known boundaries of the industry and explore new territory.

Aludium offers you its information and complaints channel