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Signage is an important part of the branding of our company so we have developed a coherent yet flexible system. It must be applied to all signage at every Aludium facility. The care we take with signage reflects the quality standards Aludium applies to its products. That’s why every sign must remain in perfect condition. Torn or dirty signage damages the quality image of our business.

If you have questions about the corporate identity or signage, do not hesitate to contact

A brand is unique.

It is an emotional tie that binds all stakeholders, establishing an expectation of quality and consistency, and ultimately adds value over and above our products and services.

The Corporate Identity Manual (CIM) strengthens brand quality by providing a unique, strong and consistent image of Aludium in the minds of all our stakeholders.

The CIM will will guide you in the application of the corporate identity in all of your communication activities.


Ready to print signs – 15 x 23,5 cm