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Accelerating the transition to a decarbonized economy and a more egalitarian society.

Accelerating the transition to a decarbonized economy and a more egalitarian society

Aludium 2025 Sustainability targets

Aludium has set ambitious, measurable, and realistic goals for mid-decade. They are grouped around two strategic pillars in line with our business: Climate Transition, and People and Community. Aludium has made various commitments for reducing our carbon footprint that are being put into practice through different lines of action:

Ongoing investment in recycling capacity and efficiency.

Increasing renewable energy electricity consumption to 100%.

Productivity and energy efficiency programs to reduce energy consumption.

Acquisition of raw metals with low carbon content.

ASI (Aluminium Stewardship Initiative) certifications in the three Aludium plants: Performance Standard (PS) and Chain of Custody (CoC).

Promotion of electric vehicle use among Aludium employees.

Climate Transition Targets


1. Reduce Total Aludium Carbon Emissions Intensity
to Less than 4.5 t C02 /t Al Cradle to Gate, a 50%
emissions reduction compared to 2018 levels
(Scope 1, 2, and 3).

2. Transition Aludium to 100% Renewable-Sourced
Electricity, a more than 10x increase compared to
2018 levels.

3. Increase Scrap Recycling to more than 200kt Per Year,
a 100% increase compared to 2018 levels.

4. Increase Closed Loop Scrap Recycling with customers
to a minimum of 15kt per year.

5. Offer Certified, Low-Carbon Products to support
customers and end users reach their carbon
reduction goals.

6. Maintain the Highest Industry
Standard in Environmental
Management Certifications.




People & Community Targets

7. Safety We believe all workplace accidents are preventable. Target 0.51 Total Recordable Incident Rate.

8. Promote Gender Equality including increasing the percentage of women represented in management and technical roles to become a leader in gender diversity and inclusion in industry.



Creation of the Aludium Women’s Committee.

9. Support our communities, by participating and/or organizing at least 3 volunteer events per year per plant.

1 Per 200,000 hours worked.