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“Cindal R&D by Aludium jointly develops applications with our automotive customers. Lightweight is driven the improvement of sustainablity in transportation. We know how to select or develop the aluminium that is outperforming in your production process.”


The lightness, the excellent convertibility and the strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum make it an ideal material for mobility solutions. Lighter components translate directly into lower fuel consumption and emissions over the life of the vehicle.

But aluminum offers more than just light weight. It is easy to transform into state-of-the-art composite materials with exceptional characteristics. Integrating aluminum into existing processes is much simpler than using non-metallic materials. Aludium has extensive experience in the processes and requirements of equipment manufacturers, which allows us to help develop lightweight and cost-effective solutions that are also safe, recyclable, and suitable for series production.

Aludium offers aluminum alloys that are suitable for transformation into:

  • Automotive finishes
  • Automotive components
  • Buses
  • Rail applications
  • Truck applications.

Working with Aludium is a guarantee for equipment manufacturers. In addition to a wide range of alloys and extensive process expertise, Aludium’s Transportation Center (part of Cindal R&D) can work with its designers and engineers to exploit the benefits of aluminum. We have extensive knowledge of alloys, processes and finishes that contribute to weight reduction and can be used in a wide range of transportation applications.

Aludium products are also distributed directly to the industry. This direct link between Aludium and the manufacturer ensures that Aludium products are available in the correct timeframe, quantities and specifications. With our concept of short lead time, flexibility, consistency in quality, single point of contact and specialized sales engineers, Aludium is the best choice for equipment manufacturers in the transportation industry.

Aludium complies with the ISO / TS 16949 standard for Quality Management Systems in automotive production. We are members of the Global Advisory Group (GAG) of the German aluminum association. Gesamtverband der Aluminumindustrie (GDA). Aludium is active in this organization and helps to configure future specifications and recommendations.

Aludium material complies with all applicable regulations in the sector, as well as local health, safety and environmental regulations .


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Automotive finishes

Aludium’s automotive finish products lead the decorative finish market due to their high surface quality and unmatched response to gloss, anodizing and lacquering surface treatments.

Our products are used by automotive designers to create lightweight, functional and aesthetic parts for interior and exterior applications such as:

  • Dashboard and interior trim
  • Door elements
  • Bonnet decoration
  • Roof rails.

All of our automotive finishing products are available with:

  • Finishes including: gloss, industrial and commercial gloss; fine and grand brilliant.
  • Textured surface textures that can be tailored to the needs of car manufacturers.

Aludium offers proprietary (patent pending) products that can be used to create automotive interior finishes without the need for expensive labor. They include:

  • Decorandum ® – Aludium’s innovative, lightweight and cost-effective alternative to stainless steel. Available in five different surfaces, Decorandum ® is finished in our specialized laminators and is ready to use upon delivery. Click here to see the technical details of Decorandum ® .
  • Texturalndum (patent pending) – Using this technology, any design can be applied to aluminum. For example leather, honeycomb, elephant skin or geometric designs such as carbon fiber or checkerboard. You can even apply graphic elements such as logos or letters. Click here to see the technical details ofTexturendum.

The metallurgical structure of Aludium’s products facilitates the drawing, transformation and assembly processes required for automotive applications. These properties are achieved through the application of Aludium’s advanced manufacturing technology and the use of high-purity alloys.

With its extensive experience and range of simulation equipment, the Cindal R&D center is available to advise automotive trim manufacturers on design and optimization. For example, Cindal R&D advises automotive trim designers on how to apply thin layers of aluminum to plastic. In addition to giving the appearance of aluminum, it offers designers a lighter and more cost-effective alternative to doing it with only aluminum.

See below to find out more about Aludium products.

1050, 1070, 5005, 5505, 5657, 3103, 8014 Decorandum ® , Texturandum , Industrial bright , Brillo, Commercial bright, Fini Brillant, Grand Brillant,O, H2x, H1x
FormatThickness (in mm)Width (in mm)
Bands and Plates0.3 – 1.0 mm46 – 1500 mm


Manufacturing, Alloys, Treatments, Surface condition, Surface quality, Transformation, International standards, Packaging


Aludium_Decorandum PDF
Aludium_Coils_Alicante PDF
Aludium_Leveled_Coils_Amorebieta PDF
Aludium_Non_Leveled_Coils_Amorebieta PDF
Aludium_Slitcoils PDF
Aludium_Sheets_Shates_Amorebieta PDF

Car exterior cladding

55AT ™ – the first cost efficient alternative to the 5505 for automotive exterior cladding

55AT ™ has been developed by Aludium for automotive exterior cladding applications requiring the highest quality aluminum finish. This includes window frames, roof racks, sunroof liners, luggage racks, B- and C-pillar decorations, and other vehicle exterior accents.

For these applications, fabricators typically use 5505 alloy. However, Aludium’s 55AT ™ offers clear cost and productivity advantages for solid sheet metal parts.

Higher performance improves cost effectiveness

For external cladding applications, 55AT ™ is cost efficient in terms of both upfront costs and performance. It has a level of cleanliness not found in any other comparable alloy thanks to the advanced filtration system Aludium uses during casting. This guarantees perfect anodizing and polishing results every time.

With 55AT ™, intensive mechanical polishing work is no longer necessary. It also enables OEMs to safely carry out chemical or electrochemical cleanings, and offers high productivity.

Complete offering of automotive coating applications

The 55AT ™ is part of Aludium’s family of automotive coatings products, which also includes:

  • Decorandum®, the lightweight alternative to stainless steel
  • Texturendum®, custom patterns for decorative applications
  • The high-purity 5505 alloy for first-class vehicles
  • Internal cladding alloys 8014 and 5657.

Aludium’s 55AT ™ ensures OEMs get a high-quality surface that gives their external coating applications the premium feel of aluminum at an affordable price.

For OEMs looking to produce luxury parts, Aludium offers a high quality 5505 alloy that guarantees the best molding and the highest gloss values. The 5505 can be used to achieve the smoothest shapes and the highest shine that modern car designers can imagine.

Aludium produces its automotive coating products in two crushers in Europe, ensuring high capacities and reliable production without interruptions. Automotive coating manufacturers can also enjoy Aludium’s short lead times and high-precision internal cutting capabilities.