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“The breakthrough solution in tailorable aluminium sheet: Texturandum®, unique finishes for the aluminium you use today, is a new technology (patent pending) from Aludium which enables us to apply any well-defined pattern to almost any aluminium surface.”

Texturandum®, special surfaces for decorative applications

Texturadum®, special surfaces for decorative applications
Texturadum®, an innovative solution in custom aluminum finishes.

Texturadum® is unique and completely different. Decorandum® is characterized by the presence of random patterns whose imprint has a variable intensity. With Texturadum®, any type of design or texture can be precisely defined and applied to aluminum. These can be natural patterns such as leather, honeycomb, or elephant skin, or geometric patterns such as carbon fiber or a checkerboard. Even graphic elements like logos or letters can be applied as well. Ultimately, almost any pattern is possible.

At Aludium, we are open to co-designing exclusive custom-made patterns and engravings with our clients.

In these cases, when we develop a specific pattern, the customer will be the owner of that design. Guaranteed exclusivity!

Texturadum® eliminates labor-intensive processes such as embossing, embossing, brushing or printing, which will result in significant cost and time savings during your process. As Texturadum® can be anodized, clear lacquered and receive other primers, customers can also innovate in their applications and offer a product with added value.

The process of applying the Texturadum® finish to aluminum has no impact on the mechanical properties of the metal. The advantages speak for themselves: our clients do not have to change anything in their processes if they want to start working with Texturadum®. Aluminum will behave in exactly the same way as regular alloy without the Texturadum® finish. The incorporation of Texturalndum® into existing production lines will not cause any problems and can be implemented quickly.

When Texturadum® is launched it will be available in reels and rolls. The thickness will initially be between 0.2 and 1.0 mm. Other thicknesses and formats may be available after the start-up period.

Manufacturers of automotive decoration elements have shown great interest, particularly for their application as interiors in new car models.

A customer wants to use Texturadum® to make a watermark on their packaging to protect them against imitations.

Manufacturers of other interior design elements have also been very enthusiastic. We are convinced that Texturadum® is the ideal finish for any application where the aesthetic appearance provides added value.

Why you should choose Texturadum®:

  • Available in a wide range of soft alloys, in coils and cut coils.
  • Natural and geometric patterns applied directly to the laminated material.
  • Textures and designs made to measure to guarantee exclusivity.
  • Authentic look and feel through a cost-effective industrial process.
  • The finish does not affect the normal behavior of the metal.
  • The industrial process ensures a consistent look and feel.