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The sunniest and freshest issue of ALUDIUM TODAY, published for the first time in three languages: English, Spanish and French, is now available. The 14th edition of our corporate magazine contains news on several fronts such as an interview with Paul-Henri Chevalier, CEO of Jupiter Aluminum Corporation, the outstanding company update that all ALUDIUM’S plants now have ASI’s PS and CoC certifications, an innovative project to improve safety at the Amorebieta plant, or first-hand news about some key information regarding the project to expand the casthouse in the Alicante plant.

In this magazine we wanted to show off part of ALUDIUM’s female talent. In the special report, ‘Commitment to gender equality’, in the TEAM section, we will discover the views of 17 Aludium workers on gender equality, plans for 2023 and social volunteering. Furthermore, we address how to improve mental health and 8 colleagues from ALUDIUM take us on board the sailboat ‘Blue Observer’, on their sustainable trip to the French city of Brest, among other content.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the pages of ALUDIUM TODAY. Discover captivating content, insightful articles, and inspiring stories that will leave you informed and energized. It’s time to cool off and dip into the sunniest magazine issue you’ll read this year!

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The 13th edition of ALUDIUM TODAY is now available. In this end of year issue, we announce the launch of Aludium Eco, the new range of innovative solutions with certified low carbon emissions, discuss the ‘Aludium Talent Academy’ training and leadership programme, and reveal the creation of the company’s ‘Women’s Committee’, among many other things.

The speeding up of our commitment to sustainability to increase our positive impact is substantiated by many articles in this edition and, in particular, by the new ASI (Aluminium Stewardship Initiative), PS (Performance Standard) and CoC (Chain of Custody) certifications, whose audits have been carried out at the end of 2022. In addition to this content there are many more articles dedicated to recycling, sport, and the unveiling of L2 in Alicante, among other things. Don’t miss them and discover ALUDIUM TODAY ISSUE 13!

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The new edition of ‘ALUDIUM TODAY’ is now available. This issue is loaded with news and successful projects such as the third of ‘ONE ALUDIUM’, designed to improve the company’s productivity, where three key members of the project team share their experience in developing it. Teamwork, strategy and the passion with which we do our work are some of the keys to exceeding our expectations in each publication of ‘ALUDIUM TODAY’.


Our values ​​give meaning to the company and there is no activity that has as many values ​​as sport. Seven colleagues from ALUDIUM reveal their passion for sport and our medical team talks to us, in case any of the readers do not practice sport regularly, about the benefits of sport for physical, mental and social health. They also encourage us and gives us tips to integrate it into our routine in a simple way. As the third featured content, on the occasion of World Recycling Day, we show the actions we have carried out this week to raise awareness among the team about recycling and responsible consumption. Now, click and discover more news on ‘ALUDIUM TODAY 12’.

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In this issue we interview Catalina Fernández, Director of CINDAL. She reveals us the work carried out in our R&D center, the main challenges her team faces and the innovation projects they are currently leading. We explain, step by step, the aluminum recycling process at Aludium and tell in depth the incredible stories behind the fire at the L2 cold mill, which occurred last April at the company’s Alicante plant. We continue to unveil our ONE ALUDIUM company transformation project, and we talk about other very important topics such as safety and performance at our plants during 2021.

We continue to show the talent and commitment of our teams. At ALUDIUM TODAY, we interviewed Jose del Campo, director of the Amorebieta foundry, and introduced the Alicante payroll team and the volunteer workers who have accepted to work from a different location for several months after the fire in Alicante. Thanks to the entire Aludium team for bringing this magazine to life.

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The way we run our business has changed. Our long-term goals have not changed, but in ALUDIUM a new wind is blowing. We are more flexible and agile; ready to deliver the best response in an uncertain and changing market environment, while focusing internally on safety and people, values that have always been company’s distinguishing attributes. We are transforming our vision to build a more sustainable, flexible, and solid business for every ALUDIUM stakeholder.

This magazine is also a sign of this transformation. Inside this magazine you can know a little more about our CEO, and his vision about the company future, we also give special emphasis to our talent and engaged PEOPLE, and a section reserved to our clients.
Hope you enjoy to read it!

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