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Aludium celebrates International Women’s Day with more than a dozen activities

    This year Aludium will focus on making visible women’s roles and professional opportunities in the industrial sector together with women’s sports by sponsoring the basketball match to be held this Friday between HLA Alicante and Hestia Menorca at the Lucentum Alicante stadium.

    8 March 2024. Aludium is involved in celebrating International Women’s Day, this Friday, to vindicate the essential role played by women in every profession and in society. This year the company will be focusing on making visible the talent and job opportunities for women in the industrial sector, as well as on women’s sports by sponsoring the basketball match that will take place this afternoon between HLA Alicante and Hestia Menorca at the Lucentum Alicante stadium. Sponsoring this competition and ten other activities carried out with various stakeholders is part of the ‘II Aludium Women’s Week’ which begins this Friday. The second edition of this program aims to raise awareness in-house and externally of the need to join forces to achieve real and effective gender equality and empower all women and girls.

    Today’s match sponsorship publicly symbolises the company’s commitment to promoting gender equality and boosting women’s sports. In addition, in order to raise social awareness and publicize female role models in sports, a lottery is being held on the Lucentum Foundation’s social media, which has just gone live for people who want to take part. Furthermore, a video has been made of the team’s players that will be published next week during their visit to the Alicante plant.

    March is a month dedicated to women at Aludium. Proof of this is the many and varied company-led activities, events, and initiatives as well as those in which it plays an active role in alliance with our stakeholders.

    Showcasing leading women in the industrial sector

    Alicante City Council’s main event to celebrate 8 March this morning involved the intervention of Conchi Castelló, HR Manager at Aludium, who spoke about her long professional career, as well as her experience and work in the industrial sector, in what has traditionally been a male-dominated field.

    Five women holding management positions in institutions and companies shared their views and experiences on the difficulties women encounter when it comes to accessing traditionally masculine spaces. The institutional event included the inspiring testimony of Pilar García, railway technician at Ferrocarrils Generalitat Valenciana; Conchi Castelló, representing Aludium; María Isabel Pellicer, captain of the Civil Guard and head of Uprona; María Victoria Gómis, firefighter of Speis; and María Luisa Rodríguez, provincial head of the National Police Unit assigned to the Valencian Community.

    During her presentation, Castelló shared her experience with the audience and talked about the diverse opportunities offered by a company, such as Aludium, in the industrial sector to women in numerous professional fields. She also listed the initiatives that the company is carrying out to increase the percentage of women in its workforce, promote equality and encourage girls and teenagers to undertake STEM vocations.  The slogan of the council’s communication campaign for International Women’s Day this year was: “8M: Get What You Want.” Castelló discussed the path she took to take up her current position at Aludium. She was able to follow this path, she explained during her talk, thanks to her talent and effort, and her refusal to yield in the face of difficulties together with her family’s unconditional support. The end of her speech was a very emotional moment since she dedicated it to the two women who had acted as her role models, her grandmothers, who were pioneers and visionaries in their own time since they started their own company and fought to achieve their dreams with a sense of sacrifice and passion.

    Representatives of the Amorebieta plant also attended this week’s sixth edition of the ‘Women and Industry’ conference, organised by the Biscayan Metal Federation, which highlighted the value of the presence of women in the field of innovation. You can look up our article about this: “Aludium Amorebieta is committed to increasing women’s presence in industry” on our website.

    The Castelsarrasin plant, in line with the corporate goal set for 2025 to increase the percentage of women in technical and managerial posts and become a sector leader in the fields of inclusion and gender diversity, is setting up public-private partnerships in an attempt to attract more local female talent to technical posts in the French plant. Next week we will report on the other activities carried out during the II Aludium Women’s Week.