Aludium’s Spanish mills achieve ASI Performance Standard

Aludium’s facilities in Alicante and Amorebieta (Spain) were certified against the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative’s (ASI) Performance Standard. The certification was granted by ASI on 13 December 2019, less than two years after Aludium applied.


ASI certification guarantees that Aludium’s products are produced in accordance with ASI’s standards at every step of the value chain. The standards are amongst the most rigorous of any material certification programme and cover every aspect of aluminium production.

To gain certification, Aludium has developed policies and standards including a code of conduct, scrap reduction procedures, and a cradle-to-gate life cycle assessment (LCA) of our products and processes. Biodiversity assessments have also been completed for the company’s mills in Alicante and Amorebieta. Both mills were assessed against ASI standards during rigorous and independent inspections held in October 2019.

Aludium has also developed and published new business procedures including a Code of Conduct t o ensure we operate in a transparent manner. Extensive training has also been given to our personnel to ensure they understand and implement the new procedures in their daily work.

ASI certification opens an exciting new chapter in Aludium’s history and will lead to new opportunities with customers and suppliers who value transparency.