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The Castelsarrasin plant advances in its commitment to preserve biodiversity with the installation of 32 hives on its land

June 6, 2022. Aludium’s Castelsarrasin plant, located in France, continues to advance with its commitment to caring for the environment, increasing its actions to preserve biodiversity while collaborating with its stakeholders. Protecting local biodiversity, making sustainable use of natural capital and forging alliances with our stakeholders to move faster towards sustainable development are some of the objectives of the environmental strategy on which the french Aludium plant is currently working.

The latest action to promote local biodiversity, framed within the plant’s new strategy, has been the installation of 32 hives in the Castelsarrasin plant enclosure through collaboration with a local beekeeper. Bees are a fundamental and critical part of the biodiversity that all living things depend on to survive. “Despite their small size, bees play an indispensable role, both for food security and for the proper functioning of #biodiversity, as they ensure the stability of ecosystems. On a global scale, one third of food production is directly dependent on their pollinating activity. They are therefore an essential link in the chain of survival”, those responsible point out how the initiative arose. “It is in this context that Aludium has chosen to support beekeeping by collaborating with a beekeeper who has installed a set of 32 hives on the Castelsarrasin site. The objective is to continue this collaboration which maintains the #sustainability values of the group while raising the awareness of the employees to the maintenance of local biodiversity”, they add.

World Environment Day 2022

“In the universe there are billions of galaxies, in our galaxy there are billions of planets, but there is only one Earth”. This is one of the central messages that were released yesterday from the United Nations Organization (UN) on the occasion of the celebration of World Environment Day.

At Aludium we continue to take steps along the path of sustainability and accelerating our action to preserve our planet and combat climate change while building a more egalitarian and circular society. For this reason, “we join the UN campaign for World Environment Day that took place yesterday, June 5, and that this year is called #OneEarth and aims to raise awareness of the three major crises facing the Earth: climate, pollution and habitat loss”, says Lionel Chapis, CEO of Aludium. “Small gesture make big changes so that the earth continues to be a comfortable home for all its inhabitants and for future generations“, concludes the person in charge.