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Two Aludium employees present the circular process for manufacturing aluminum at their children’s school in Alicante

    Aluminum is present in numerous objects and structures that we see and use in our daily lives. Learn about the exciting production process of how an aluminum coil is created that we see on the facade of a building, as an ornament inside a car or that finally arrives at our home in the form of aluminum foil, a can of sardines or a cosmetic or perfumery container is an educational, circular and fun journey. This work is the result of the extraordinary teamwork of almost 900 people, the most advanced technologies and the perfect symbiosis between science, technology, engineering, sustainability, innovation and design.

    June 2, 2022. Bringing the industry closer to the creative process of manufacturing aluminum and the circular journey of recycling this material have been some of the keys that two employees from the Alicante plant, Alfredo Callejón, quality manager, and Miguel Ángel Cascales, finishing operator, they have moved to their children’s schools to publicize what we do at Aludium day by day. “We found out that in the fourth grade of the CEU Jesús María school they were learning about machines with the unit of inquiry ‘The progress of industry changes society’ and we thought it was a good idea to present Aludium as one of the largest industries in the province of Alicante”, reveals Alfredo Callejón who gave the talk on April 27.

    Miguel Ángel Cascales’ talk was given at the CEIP San Gabriel where his son is in third year of Early Childhood Education. “In their school, in the last year of the cycle, they do an action where each child is the protagonist of a week and one of the activities consists of their parents visiting the school and giving a talk about their trades”, explains Miguel Ángel Cascales . “In the talk there was a brief introduction to the factory, what is done with aluminum and how it is used and processed. Images were shown, facilitated by Human Resources, where the children could see and observe the photographs and ask questions”, explains Cascales. On the other hand, “we brought aluminum foil, a bottle of cologne with an aluminum cap and a lipstick to the talk where the children perfectly understood the material it was made of, identifying what aluminum was like and what it was used for”, add.

    Passion for aluminum

    The experience has been very satisfactory on both visits. This action has been carried out on more occasions by members of the company and it is always very positive and gratifying due to the children’s interest in explaining our activity and the uses of this infinitely recyclable material. Alfredo focused his talk on “the importance of recycling and the basic principles of the aluminum manufacturing process, where it became very clear to the students why Aludium is a sustainable company” thanks to the explanation and the contests and games that he held in your session. “The talk has been very enriching since the capacity for attention and interest shown by the children and their involvement in the game is surprising”, concludes Callejón.

    Teaching the passion with which we develop our work to future professionals in the communities in which we operate, making our activity visible and promoting STEM careers is part of our vision as a company. And if we do it playing much better. American essayist Diane Ackerman already said: “Playing is our brain’s favorite way to learn”.