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Aludium COO elected ‘king’ for a day

    For one day, Aludium’s chief operating officer (COO) Manuel Ruano was elected as King Gaspar of Alicante as part of the city’s Three Kings Day celebrations which mark the Feast of the Epiphany. Spanish children typically receive their presents on Three Kings Day which begins on the evening of 5 January and runs throughout the following day. The event is celebrated with large street parades, fireworks, and special cakes, as well as the giving and receiving of presents.

    Being elected a king of your home city is a huge honour and one that Manuel was pleased to accept. After arriving by boat at Alicante harbour on the evening of 5 January, Gaspar and the other kings (Melchor and Baltasar) were received by the Mayor at the town hall before taking part in the parade. Together with a number of royal pages (employees from Aludium in the case of King Gaspar), the kings distributed over 2,000 kilograms of sweets to the children.

    On 6 January, King Gaspar paid a visit to the Hogar Provincial (Provincial Home) for disadvantaged children where he gave out many toys. “It was an enormous privilege to serve as king for the day and meet all of the children,” notes Manuel. “It is a memory I will treasure forever. Sadly, it all ended on 7 January and I was back to being plain old Manuel.”