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Aludium promotes two training scholarships for Lucentum Alicante players

    6 February 2024. Aludium, main sponsor of the Lucentum Alicante women’s team, has promoted two training scholarships within the framework of the collaboration agreement signed between both entities this season. Aludium has developed these two scholarships to allow players to combine basketball with their university education. Clara García and Vanja Manojlovic, students of Translation and Interpreting and Teaching, respectively, are the two athletes benefiting from the Aludium scholarship this season. 

    The Aludium-Lucentum scholarship is one of the sponsorship activities taking place this season. The agreement seeks to give visibility to the role of women in sport and is in keeping with the values promoted by Lucentum Alicante, among which is a commitment to training. 

    The Chair of Lucentum Alicante, Daniel Adriasola, thanked Aludium for its “firm commitment to sport, especially women’s sport”, and praised the fact that the “sponsorship also includes training and scholarships for our players”. “For Lucentum Alicante, an association with companies as important as Aludium is a source of pride,” said Adriasola. 

    The Aludium-Lucentum scholarship supports our players so that they can develop their passion for basketball, while continuing their studies in our city. Training players, not only as sportswomen but also as people, is one of the club’s priorities: “training through competing and competing through training”. 

    Aludium, on the other hand, based on its target of promoting and making visible gender equality and women’s sports and contributing socially to the communities in which it works by promoting well-being and inclusive growth, entered into this alliance with the Lucentum Foundation last year. “Achieving real and effective gender equality between men and women and ensuring the health and safety of our team to the utmost extent, are the company’s main social sustainability priorities for enhancing a positive social impact,” says José Ignacio Juan, director of Aludium’s plant in Alicante.  The company, in recent years, “has increased its commitment to promoting gender equality both inside and outside Aludium and funding these two scholarships responds to this commitment and the need to make visible the role of women in sport and to publicise female role models in the world of sport”, Juan concludes.