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Promoting women’s health in the workforce and boosting women in industry, the main actions of Aludium’s II Women’s Week

    15 March 2024. Aludium’s II Women’s Week, commemorating International Women’s Day and showing the company’s commitment to promoting gender equality, this year includes more than a dozen activities. The activities, which began last week, will also continue this week.

    ‘You will be whatever you want to be’: enhancing the role of women in industry

    Encouraging the interest of girls and teenagers in the STEM disciplines and publicising the work of women in male-dominated professional fields, as is the case of Aludium and the industrial sector, are key social sustainability goals for us. Regarding raising awareness and promoting women in work environments traditionally dominated by men, members of Aludium’s workforce presented several information sessions last week at Rafael Altamira School in Alicante. The activity’s slogan, undertaken on the occasion of International Women’s Day, was ‘You will be what you want to be’.

    These educational talks were aimed at raising awareness of the changes and the increase in the number of women in previously male-dominated sectors, such as industry, using Aludium as an example. The talks, given to students in the first and fourth years of Primary Education, were undertaken by two women who work for the company: Irene García, an environmental engineer at Aludium, and Elena Poveda, a human resources specialist. Irene talked about her everyday life and her duties at Aludium and Elena spoke about the importance of safety and sustainability for the company.  In her session, Poveda stressed how work to promote gender equality is being constantly carried out and dealt in depth with the changing role of women within the sector through different jobs, as well as the increase in female presence over the years in numerous departments, since traditionally, these jobs were only carried out by men.

    New women’s health campaign and Prosolia Alicante Women’s Race 2024

    Health-related activities could not be overlooked during ‘Aludium’s II Women’s Week’, since the well-being and safety of our workforce are, together with promoting gender equality, our top priorities. In respect of the former, a novelty this year involved the launch by Aludium Alicante’s company health plan ‘Health Forever’, of a three-year health and information campaign aimed at women. Among the activities involved, we can highlight the complete gynaecological examinations offered – on a voluntary basis – to the women working at the Alicante plant. These gynaecological examinations will include all the recommended age-related tests covering the risks to which working women could be exposed. During the current year, there will be a training talk about the menopause delivered on factory premises by a specialist in the field.

    Furthermore, and building on the success in terms of participation levels, of the previous edition, this year the company has once again encouraged staff in Alicante to take part in the second Prosolia Alicante Women 2024 Race. This activity also forms part of the ‘Health Forever’ plan which aims to promote healthy lifestyle habits and the practice of sports both in-house and outside. Aludium will cover the enrolment costs of company workers taking part in the five-kilometre race, either by running or walking. The competition will be held on Sunday, 21 April.

    Finally, as part of the activities to promote health and as set out in one of our values, ‘People come first’, this Wednesday a blood donation session was held at the Alicante plant, given that donating blood saves lives.

    Sharing good practice in social and employment inclusion

    This International Women’s Day (IWD) edition, jointly with the #InspireInclusion #IWD2024 campaign highlights the importance of promoting women’s inclusion. This Thursday, members of the Aludium team attended a virtual meeting, called ‘Dialogues for inclusion: Women and neurodiversity’, arranged by the Eurofirms Foundation in order to learn about good practice and exchange experiences related to the inclusion of neurodivergent women. ‘Dialogues for Inclusion’ is an experience-sharing space created with the aim of giving voice to unique talents in order to build safe, accessible, and inclusive work environments.